Friday, 11 July 2008


Congratulations to Chris Hilton and thanks to our helpers in the Wigan West bye election who put up a creditable fight in spite of the last minute decision to stand in this election.
Of course we are somewhat disappointed not to have attracted more votes but the local elections are to some extent a reflection of national policies and a desire to be rid of this incompetent and uncaring labour administration, hence the increased Tory vote. The CAP percentage continues to decline while as Morgan says UKIP competed for the same votes as us, for even though they have only one policy they come across as a patriotic party.
Although as Morgan says the reduced hold of Labour over national and local politics is welcome I must take issue with my fellow blogger when he infers that an alliance is possible between the non Labour parties. From experience I agree with him that the other candidates and their supporters at the counts are decent people (apart from the uncouth and odious Peter Franzen) who we helped unseat in May, but we have our doctrinal differences. Our job is to convince them and others of the benefits of our views which I believe will become increasingly evident as the economy continues to unravel.
We must show that our policies are much more than halting immigration and that they have a direct relevance to the prosperity of the people of our country, and its future as a united country.
It is pretty certain that the Tories will win the next general election and I hope they do.That is not because I am right wing, I am not, but because their policies are so like the failed ones of this government they will be unable to dig themselves out of the mess.
Thus with the policies of the two major parties discredited we will be able to fill the gap and reverse our national decline. But to be in a position to do this we must keep a presence in as many areas as possible.
That is why I thank you Chris. You have kept the flag flying and although we would have liked to have done better the people of Wigan West know we are not going away.


Anti-gag said...

Firstly can I say well done to Chris Hilton, this result was one of our best from around the country last Thursday. But the fact still is that at a time when the Labour party is going through its most unpopular period for a quarter of a century, we were still only able to persuade 1 registered voter in 50 to turn out and vote for us. If this is Griffin's quiet revolution we might as well give up and go home. To put it simply: Griffin's BNP is not winning the hearts and minds of the British people.

It is clear now that under Griffin's leadership the party is in serious decline: six years ago when I first stood for the party in local council elections, our candidates could reasonable expect 15-25% of the vote, with 35-40% being not that unusual. Just for how much longer can we really keep fooling ourselves that we are still winning the battle?

While the Griffin/Collett gang are draining the party's funds to pay for holidays in Spain, our nation is being lost. Just like the Roman Emperor Nero Griffin fiddles while our nation burns.

Chris Hill.

Leigh, Lancashire Nationalist said...

Good post Lanky! Agree wholeheartedly with your views. And a big thanks must go to Chris and the team for their efforts on Thursday.

As you know there's no easy fix to the apathy that infests the indigenous population up and down the country. And this is certainly the norm now, as the credit crunch and fuel crisis takes hold, and that Mr and Mrs Bloggs have more pressing things to worry about than ousting their local councillor. Mr and Mrs Bloggs only see the four walls of their abode, the Jones's next door, their widescreen TV and being able to kit their teenager out in the best designer tracksuit and trainers, afford their package holiday to Spain and to be able to buy a new set of fluffy dice for their car.

It's hard to convince these individuals that politics actually plays a part of their lives 24/7! But, we must continue in our efforts to break this mould.

It's not our policies that's the problem, it's the culture of 'I'm alright Jack!'

The drivel once again spouting by our neurotic friend Mr Hill below, also plays a certain part in turning potential new recruits away from this last bastion of Britishness! With his moronic ramblings!

Get on with saving this nation of ours Mr Hill! You've had your 15 minutes!

Anti-gag said...

Dear Lancaster nationalist,

Your comment about my analysis being responsible for turning away new recruits from the party, is in fact quite ironic given the rate at which the Griffin/Collett gang have been decimating the membership. While canvassing for Cllr Auty's nomination signatures, I lost count of the times I heard the phrase: 'I do support Colin, but I've not renewed my membership this year'. Membership must now be lower than at any other time in the last five years, how is that creating a party that can win back our nation?

As for your description of comment as 'moronic ramblings', just exactly which part do you think is incorrect and why? Every member must now decide if the British National Party is a serious political party or simply the Nick Griffin fan club.

Chris Hill.

MerlinsTempest said...

Firstly I'd like to say thanks and well done to Chris Hilton for standing for us. Then I'd like to offer the same sentiments to those who got out and leafleted for Chris and our party.

Whilst leafleting I did find it a bit disappointing when one young fellow I'd handed a leaflet to, looked at it, showed it to his children and then promptly put it into his bin. On the other hand, I was uplifted by a greater number of people who thanked me for the leaflet, offered their encouragement and pledged voting support for the BNP.

I wouldn't say it's a revolution that I am witnessing, but, during the 3 years that I have been an active party member, leafleting at every given opportunity, I can honestly say that I am seeing that our message is getting across to the people. More people are slowly but surely waking up and seeing through the brainwash of the rotten, corrupt media, and seeing that the BNP is the only real chance that we have of seeing this country restored to sanity, decency and greatness again.

Whilst the Lib/Lab/Con remain in power, things are only set to get worse in Britain. More and more British people are going to have their lives 'enriched' by this multi-culti madness and steady economic downfall. Those people will in turn look to the BNP. All we have to do is hold fast and keep working away for the party. I am not fooling myself – I know that we are indeed winning the battle and that our time will come. I also know that Mr. Griffin is the only man that is capable of leading us to that time.

God speed Nick Griffin and The British National Party into power!

Leigh, Lancashire Nationalist said...

Excellent post 'merlinstempest' and well done to you and the rest of the team who have the balls to go out, (in all weathers) delivering Chris Hilton's eletion leaflets.

In response to Mr Hill's comments, I use the term 'moronic' solely because I deem your ideology and mindset of what's currently happening within the party to be somewhat misconstued and delusional.

You probably "lost count of the times I heard the phrase: 'I do support Colin, but I've not renewed my membership this year," because you'd run out of the digits on ones body to do the calculations!

Lets look at one very important fact; you did not get the necessary 100 signatures for Cllr. Auty to contest the leadership of the BNP!

You are very much deluded, and I feel you have lauded yourself to such an extent you feel obliged to carry on this charade, to save face.

You use assumptions rather than actual facts! And to say we as a party in general that's in decline, is foolish, nonsensical drivel, and you know it Mr Hill.

It honestly pains me to see such animosity created from such a small minority, who are hellbent on trying to bring down something than many of us have been building now for some years.

Give up and get on Mr Hill, you are either with us or you are not? Which is it?

Anti-gag said...
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Anti-gag said...

Dear Lancashire nationalist,

you said:
“Give up and get on Mr Hill, you are either with us or you are not? Which is it “

I remain a British National Party member, as I have been since the Spring of 1999, so in that sense I'm very much with you. However I have never, and will never, become part of what is increasingly a drive towards turning the party into a Nick Griffin/Mark Collett fan club.

Voters are not being driven towards the BNP by the government's current problems, they are simply doing what voters have always done at such time, swing back to the main opposition party, if you don't believe me simply look at any recent bi-election result. I'm afraid while you're fooling yourself our nation is slipping away, Griffin fiddles while .............................etc.

Chris Hill.