Saturday, 12 July 2008


Switzerland is to hold a referendum on whether to ban minarets on mosques.

Swiss patriots feel that the building of minarets is a sign of political Islam.
There is no necessity for mosques to have minarets but their presence is a sign of Islamic presence. Like the Muslim clothes, beards worn by the men in this country and the burkas worn by the women minarets are an in your face symbol of a growing Muslim presence,a political gesture of Muslim influence. They are a sign of separateness and an unwillingness to integrate.
They are not necessary for those of the Muslim faith and those who wear them demonstrate their militancy.

The significance of Muslim dress is demonstrated in Turkey where it has been banned for over 50 years in public buildings even though Turkey is a Muslim country. The powers of medieval reaction are rearing their ugly head with the Islamic party wanting to restore Muslim clothes, especially for women while the moderates are resisting this.
At present the Islamic parties are gaining strength as they are in many countries.

Switzerland however has advantages denied to us. They are not part of the EU and thus do not need to abide by the politically correct laws passed in Brussels.
Secondly they decide most laws by referenda (take note Gordon), so that the will of the people is better represented. The ordinary people can thus act to prevent the islamificationof their country, unlike here where most of our laws are not even made in our country.

So, being the most democratic country in Europe and denied the "benefits" of EU membership, how has Switzerland fared?
It has the highest standard of living in Europe.

There must be a lesson there somewhere

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