Tuesday, 29 July 2008


Last Thursday we held our usual monthly meeting of our Wigan group. It was in my opinion a very successful meeting with a good attendance and possibly 3 new members signing up.
What distinguishes our meetings from the meetings of other parties is the social aspect with people staying long after the political part of the meeting has finished. These occasions are therapeutic in that one feels invigorated after especially after meeting so many solid decent people from all walks of life who are united in the love of our country and people.
A pleasing aspect of late is the increasing numbers of people attending indicating a growing support for our position and a realisation that our party speaks for "people like them". We have some politics (we after all are a political party) and generally socialise afterwards. All in all enjoyable evenings in a convivial atmosphere.
That is not to say the political speeches are unimportant. They are a vital part of any political meeting. In this aspect we are fortunate in having some of the best speakers in politics with serious presentations given in a "fun" way which often has the audience asking for more, a far cry from the turgid offerings of other parties.

Last week we had Paul Rimmer who always informs and amuses as he gives his talks "from the heart" and who can draw on a wealth of experience of inner city life in Liverpool and London and the effects of the "enrichment" of those two great cities.
A DVD has been made of Paul's speech which I will forward to anyone if you phone the number on the top of this blog.

Thanks to all who attended but I'm sure you don't need my thanks as you all seemed to enjoy it.
Look forward to seeing you next month or perhaps before at the RWB.


Anti-gag said...
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Anti-gag said...

It's good to see Wigan members will be going to the RWB, I do hope most will stay on afterwards to oppose Griffin's attempt to remove the last vestige of democracy from the party's constitution. Untouchable for four years, unthinkable! The man is clearly nothing more than a power mad dictator, we must stop him.

Chris Hill

Lanky Patriot said...

Chris,the only thing I care about is the progress of the party and although I don't agree with everything that is done organisationally and that some people have been badly treated I think at this time when Labour is in meltdown and the Tories useless we must not allow divisions to blunt our message.We have enough enemies out there without aiding them by squabbling amongst ourselves.
The Party and the country are the most important.

Anti-gag said...

Dear Charles,

I'm sorry but this isn't a petty squabble, its a fight for our party's very survival, because the British public will never vote for an undemocratic party lead by a dictator. The BNP is now in a major decline, membership decimated, our average vote falling for the last two years, and the party's finances in taters, quite simply many of the people at the top now aren't up to the job. Burying our heads in the sand and hoping things will be OK, simply isn't going to work.

Unless the party becomes and is seen to be: Honest, Democratic, and Electable, we might as well give up and go home. Since Griffin took over in 1999 I've been hearing the same old promises: 'be patient and things will come right', unless we act now to put our own house in order they won't.

Yes Griffin has charisma (all good con men do), but the mass media will never allow Griffin on shows such as Question time, and any amount of charisma is useless on a 90 sec local TV news report, which is all he ever gets these days. Good God we're still talking about a Jeremy Paxman interview he did over 4 years ago, while the voting public forgot it the next morning. In every other respect he's a total liability. His leadership skills are dreadful, and his honesty and judgement are to say the least in doubt. What the party needs now is not a third rate actor/dictator like Griffin, but a trust worthy leader who can build up the party. And it must be a party that has a democratic constitution, and effective middle management structure.

Griffin must be stopped he can't be allowed to remove the last vestige of democracy from the party. I didn't join the BNP to see it become the Nick Griffin fan club, I joined what I thought was a serious political party, next month at the EGM we'll see if I was right.

Chris Hill