Monday, 28 July 2008


I live in the southern third of Wigan West. This is the area - or one of the areas - where Wigan MBC are offloading lots of immigrants.

It's Labour opinion that this enriches us all. Many of us disagree - but whatever, Labour seem to think it, or they at least say it.

Now then, Neil Turner, our Wigan MP lives around here - not far from me actually - right here where all the enrichment is being carried out.

I'm not fully confident about what follows, but I've been told it separately by two different people, so I'm putting out a call for confirmation or denial.

One of his near neighbours, and a different woman who is a near neighbour of mine, have both told me that Neil Turner is moving out and going to live elsewhere.

If that is so then it just about sums up everything we in the BNP - and many not in the BNP - think about all those in favour of enrichment: i.e. that they are in favour of it only so long as it's not happening where they and their families live. It's happening where Mr. Turner lives so he's moving out; he loads the enrichment onto us, but doesn't like it for himself even though he and his kind tell us it's good for us. And no doubt good for Wigan too, eh?

Now then: can anyone confirm or deny for me that he actually is moving out? I would be grateful for information. Say what you think, or what you know, in the comments. If he actually is moving out then I have a great deal more to say on this topic.

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