Wednesday, 30 July 2008


Every day we have instances of crime and petty vandalism, locally and nationally. Schools are rife with drugs and in the papers today calls are being made for police to be stationed in schools.
Last week the car of one of our members was stolen and wrecked, yet another instance of the mindless vandalism prevalent in our society.
In today's Observer is a report of football changing rooms being torched in Ince and so the toll goes on.
Local councillors find this vandalism "disgusting"and asks for a greater police presence.

Well I find the whole criminal justice system disgusting! with the low life who commit these crimes let off with a slap on the wrist if they are ever caught.

The answer is simple, severe punishments including the birch would at a "stroke" no pun intended, solve the problem.
This punishment is said to be barbaric, but the destruction of peoples lives and property is equally barbaric and such punishment would in most cases turn the offender's lives round and save them from a life of crime.
Additionally the birch would not need to be used often as the threat would deter others from criminality and save millions in prison costs.

So you Labour supporters, councillors, MPs and other do gooders the fault is yours, but I fear that as yet you are too thick to see it.

What you see as more important than the protection of peoples property and rights is "race crime" where a minor insult is considered serious enough to warrant a suspended jail sentence.
Why is this offense so important? Why is it an offense at all? I can be insulted and often have been. I didn't like it but never considered it to be criminal.
Why is a racial insult worse than any other? One can't help one's race but neither can one help being ugly, but an insult over ugliness is not a criminal offense.
Why is an insult against ethnics more serious than one against English people? Why are we not allowed to say we do not welcome these uninvited people in such numbers, and the changes they are bringing to our society?

It seems there is a not so hidden agenda to destroy our culture and society, which has served us well for a thousand years, instigated by those who we trusted to represent us.



The only solution and hope for our country is to rid ourselves of the traitorous politicians as soon as possible, and--


VOTE BNP, before the pot boils over and we have a Balkan like situation here.


Anti-gag said...
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Anti-gag said...

I like the way you're keeping this blog local with local issues, that is is of course exactly what our local blog should be: Local!

However the style and format leave a lot to be desired, erratic jumps in the text size and a lack of photos or videos to mention just three quick points. Now is the time to experiment, visits to the blog will be low simply because there are no elections on at the moment so interest in the party will be lower than during the group's more active periods.

Photos and videos are a snip to put on blogs, so build up a store of these before next May's elections. Also why not ask for local articles from members at your meeting, once again given the current low hit rate you won't have to offend people by not posting them just because some may fall below standard, and I bet you get some really good stuff.

I'm convinced that local blogs (in conjunction with local leaflets), are not only a vote winner during election times, but also a great aid to recruitment in-between.

Onwards and upwards Wigan BNP.

Chris Hill