Monday, 19 May 2008


Today's reports of riots and unfortunately deaths in South Africa in riots between immigrants from Zimbabwe and poor local workers who feel the immigrants are stealing their jobs is a portent for the future in this country.
While having every sympathy for the people so misruled by Mugabe that they must flee their country, one can also relate to the poor of South Africa's townships who see their already poor standard of living reduced by these refugees/immigrants who can out compete them in the jobs market. As usual it is the poor who have to suffer and it is these who are venting their anger.
Massive immigration always distorts the labour market and stokes up tensions.
In Britain we have been somewhat insulated by the "prosperity" created on the back of massive debt but as the governor of the Bank of England has stated the "nice times are over" and people will become poorer.
One would hope that the government could see the potential for tensions with the present massive rates of immigration if there is a recession, and take appropriate action to halt and reverse this tide, before those tensions erupt in violence, but I'm not holding my breath. Greed will out and short term gain and profit will prevail to the detriment of the vulnerable in the native and immigrant communities.
It is neither fair for the immigrants who have been conned into believing that this country is Shangri La nor to the natives who are squeezed out of a prosperous life.
However in the end our country belongs to us and we should have priority. Is this view racist?.
If it is so considered TOUGH.

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MerlinsTempest said...

You are an English man - of course this view, or anything remotely like it is 'racist'!