Sunday, 18 May 2008


The disgraceful scenes of violence in Manchester by Rangers fans the other day are a demonstration of what is wrong with this country. Similar scenes of disorder can be seen on most Saturday nights in King Street in Wigan "the most dangerous place in Europe" I'm told. The police are fully extended in dealing with this and thus you never see them in other areas.
Last night the traffic lights at a road works in Billinge were vandalised and the previous Saturday the generator was set on fire at the same road works. This is easy to do undetected as the police were busy in the town centre with the usual drunken yobs and the associated bureauocracy in dealing with it.
Poverty and lack of facilities is often blamed by the Liberal elite although how this causes vandalism escapes me.
Alcohol is blamed, presumably in order to increase taxes. This explanation will not do. Many, including myself have drunk to excess in the past but have never been involved in fighting or vandalism.
The real reason for this disorder is the lack of a deterrent. If people have so little respect for their community in the first place then punishment not education is the only option.
Until punishments such as chain gangs and, or the birch are brought in the situation will continue to blight our villages and towns and cost us money in taxes. Even making the jails less like holiday camps would act as a deterrent and reduce prisoner numbers.
Unfortunately the EU and the Human Rights act prevent all these measures so we must continue to suffer for now until the obvious measures are put in place and that means leaving the EU for a start. At present it seems the powers that be seem intent on destroying our society, or should that be"Common Purpose", they're all the same.
Only the BNP is committed to sorting these problems out. Eventually people will see sense. I hope it is not too late.

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Anonymous said...

Excellent post Lanky,

You have expressed what I believe 90% of Wigan people feel.

On the WiganWorld, communicate page, website there is a debate about the terrible Housing conditions our elderly have to endure, because of this anti social behaviour, it is a non political site, but people are demanding answears from this Council they have penned a letter to the local paper - alas I do not think the Evening Post will touch it.