Tuesday, 20 May 2008


Last week Hazel Blears said she wanted to set up a department to monitor up to 10 million people who may be part of extreme religious or political organisations so that steps can be taken to stengthen social cohesion. But how do you define extreme? We know that parties such as ours will be labelled extreme even though we are a legitimate party defending the rights of the British people and in no way threatening civil violence. In their eyes any party which does not subscribe to the political correctness of the other parties is extreme. One can see how this loose definition of extreme can be extended to prevent all discussion or opposition to government policies. It is yet another assault on our civil rights in a country which once prided itself on its free speech.
This suggestion is another wake up call for all free people to work to retain that freedom and the vehicle for that is the BNP as the other parties are all anxious to prevent real opposition to their cosy cartel.
Today it is reported that a massive data base recording all e mails and sites visited on the internet and phone calls is being planned. It seems there will be no privacy allowed all they say in the interests of national security. More like a tool to monitor and thwart all opposition I think and keep the political class in power. The people must always be watched in order to keep them down.

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Anti-gag said...

The Griffin/Collett gang's purge of decent members begins.

Ex South East regional organiser, and current BNP councillor, Rodger Robertson, has become the first victim in Cllr Auty's campaign team to be undemocratically purged by Griffin in a crude attempt to deny a free leadership contest this summer.

Every member must now stand up for democracy within the BNP. It must be a case of: 'one for one and one for all' or all traces of a democratic party will be lost, giving way to a full blown dictatorship by Mr Griffin.

We didn't join the BNP to be yes men, did we? We joined it to help right wrongs, let's start now!

Chris Hill