Wednesday, 21 May 2008


Today it is reported that young people are invited to produce a short film highlighting the benefits of "diversity" under the title "Celebr8 don't discrimin8".This taxpayer funded project is a blatant attempt to brainwash young people into seeing the gradual replacement of our people and way of life as a positive thing.
The judges include famous directors (how much will they be paid?) and "key diversity champions" whoever they are. No platform then for those of us who see the disadvantages or the loss of our way of life. Our function is to continue to pay the taxes which fund this anti British project.

It is reported that dozens of servicable computers have been thrown in a skip at Abraham Guest school. These were being replaced as part of an upgrade of the school computers. They would have been adequate for use by poorer families as home computers . For a government which fines people for failing to recycle, this demonstrates gross hypocricy, and shows the contempt for the rules they make us obey.


The Wigan numeracy centre (yes there is such a body) has issued a pamphlet to show primary teachers how to teach maths. We are not talking advance maths here but what we called sums when I went to school. Unfortunately the children can not understand the new methods and thus can not do the sums or if they can take much longer than the old fashioned way. One child I know was distraught and unable to manage the new method but after her mother had shown her the old (proper) way could do her sums quickly. When this was pointed out to the teacher he said that she was doing her sums too quickly and would be bored while having to wait for the others to calculate using the new method. IT GETS WORSE, after two years using the modern method they will have to learn the old way of doing sums in any case.
No wonder standards are dropping! How will our children compete against countries such as China in future when they are being held back by trendy methods imposed by the badly named "Numeracy Centre"?
Another question, why do we need such a centre and how much does it cost. What resources are being diverted away from proper education to fund this office?

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