Monday, 21 January 2013


According to the MIGHTY NATIONALISTS of the BRITISH RESISTANCE blog are now resorting to lies and smears by claiming I have posted this remark on the Democracy Forum Blog

"Of course I am an idiot.  If I was not, I would be out there enjoying what is left of the rest of my life instead of waiting for the next death threat or to read the latest stupid comment from people who do not have a clue -  because he then posts on the Hypocrisy Forum:
A section of the email being copied around to trusted nationalists-

I can confirm that ‘The British Resistance’ is a website only which is registered in England. WECTU (Wales Extreme Counter Terrorism Unit) are fully aware and are monitoring it.
The website has been referred to the Internet Referral Unit in the Metropolitan Police, who have taken the lead in relation to counter terrorism and related websites.

More fool those that donate or follow the fruitcake in signing government petitions!!!
Here he reveals that he is working with Wales UAF/BNP
Of course I am an idiot. ..."

You said it pal.

" I know what it is like to drive through bandit territory taking dispatches down to Carlingford Lough and thinking what a pathetic weapon my Browning 9mm would be in the event of an ambush.  Trust me, I know what real fear is like - but I always overcame it and carried out my duties and will do so until I die"

"Of course I am an idiot."


I've never met anyone from Wales BNP, I'm no longer a member of the BNP and I don't need to side with anyone else to point out other peoples COWARDICE and I don't comment on Democracy Forum.

The BRITISH RESISTANCE is so COWARDLY they won't even post my replies to their lies claiming that it's because I use CAPITALS...Ooooo CAPITALS oh the shame of it.

Now the self confessed idiot even claims to have been in confrontation with the IRA face to face with ARMALITE RIFLES aimed at him.
You know after all this time I never knew the IRA had a Navy.

"Funny Navy that, driving around in "Bandit Country", I wonder what ships he used drive around "Bandit Country"? Only an IDIOT would say or even post that for the public to see."

I can understand the Navy intercepting Trawlers suspected of ferrying Arms to the Irish mainland but I'm 1000% sure that when the Navy approached these vessels their was not one person on board holding an Armalite rifle and taking potshots at heavily armed Naval Vessels.

Like he said...HE'S AN IDIOT, AND A COWARD who wasn't prepared to create the PETITION himself, it takes less than 10 Minutes to create an online petition but he's too busy to do it himself.
Funnily enough he has found the time to write the article asking others to create HIS PETITION and has found even more time to write articles criticising myself and others for pointing out his COWARDICE and for not being or wanting to be a National Socialist.

Now, how long has it taken BRITISH NATIONALISM to excise the NAZI tag the Far Left have been able to use against us ?

The self confessed IDIOT is doing his damned best to get us tarred with the NAZI tag yet again.

Is this what NATIONALISM needs ?

To be honest it is something I would have expected the UAF/TRAITORS to do.

So in whose interest is the BRITISH RESISTANCE really working for? It's certainly NOT BRITISH NATIONALISM.

Like himself and the majority of commentators on the BR site not one of them has even delivered a leaflet promoting NATIONALISM yet there they are banging on about how we should do this we should that but never I DID THIS and I DID THAT, always someone else doing the donkey work but not themselves.

These people are LOSERS who are attempting to destroy BRITISH NATIONALISM by declaring themselves as NAZIS and tarring TRUE NATIONALISTS with the same brush.

A bunch of VAIN EGOTISTICAL NO-MARKS who have never done a thing in their lives for NATIONALISM except press buttons on a keyboard on a daily basis.

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