Monday, 21 January 2013


I must apologise for these articles but as the COWARD won't give me the right of reply to his LIES then I'll ask the questions here which he refuses to allow on his National Socialist blog

Is this guy living on the same planet as the rest of us ? according to him I'm now a "GROUP" and also a town in Lancashire.

It's a bit like spreading out in a bunch


Now I've glanced at the article a few times and each time I can find a new LIE by THE BRITISH (GERMAN) RESISTANCE about me in which he has claimed that I have said, and I quote

"The more astute among you will see that Wigan contradicts himself, having previously stated that I am afraid of the authorities and the Jews!  Make up your mind Wigan."
"The more astute among you" means those with vivid and alcoholic and drug addled brains can make things up and state them as fact and attribute them to MOI.

He's doing himself a huge mistake  as anyone ASTUTE ENOUGH can read exactly what I have said about him. If he's making these things up about me what else is he making up on his National Socialist (Gift to the UAF) Blog ?
I do actually agree with the sentiment of the Petition it's the fact that he asks others to do something which he is unwilling to do himself, which I put down to COWARDICE and FEAR.

WHY would you ask someone to create a Petition you thought of and which would take 5-10 minutes tops to do ?

If he's got the balls maybe he could enlighten us as to WHY HE ASKED OTHERS TO DO WHAT HE ISN'T PREPARED TO DO HIMSELF.

I've more respect for Nick Griffin than I have for the Green Arrow, at least Griffin is willing to stand up and be counted.

So we have a NEO-NAZI telling LIES and being too COWARDLY and FRIGHTENED to do his own dirty work, could anyone tell me WHY ?

Get a grip MEIN FUHRER, are you after Martin the RAPIST Smiths job with the SWP/UAF ?

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