Wednesday, 25 April 2012


One of the people who I detest the most is Peter Hain.
Some years ago, before he inveigled his way into a senior position in British politics and was just an agitator for things of no concerns to us I thought I would have had a chance to meet him.

It was at the time of a South Africa rugby tour and it was thought that a match would have been played at our local rugby club , Orrell and he threatened to disrupt it.
Although not a violent man I was relishing the chance to meet this anti democratic man and with my co club members educating him by combatting violence with violence. I looked forward to introducing his face to my fist.

In the event the match was cancelled and he was lucky, although no doubt he does not know how lucky he was.

So I am in the peculior position now of being on his side.

He is in court for the crime of criticising a judge.
It seems according to an ancient law that judges can not be criticised and he is to be prosecuted for this.

Now I did not realise that judges were above the law.
What right have they to have this position and who chooses them?

At school some go in for useful subjects such as engineering, science, medicine, trades  etc and however well qualified they become they are held responsible for their actions and sometimes negligence.

Only last week a plumber, a skilled man with much experience was jailed for faulty workmanship which resulted in a death.
Doctors are often sued for negligence or mistakes.
But Judges are never, and it seems can never be sued for their mistakes.
How many times have you heard that a judge has released a criminal who goes on to kill someone or been judged to have wrongly directed a jury which resulted in an innocent man being incarcerated?

Why are these judges seemingly above the law?
They don't make it. That is Parliament's job and often they interpret  laws made by Parliament in a way that Parliament and the people did not want.

Why have they so much power? Often they are out of touch with reality, living in ivory towers and not as clever as they would have us believe.
They are certainly not as clever as scientists and engineers but under our system they have the clout and influence to over ride the interests of the people and democracy itself.

Is it not time we curtailed the influence of these arrogant out of touch nonentities and made the system more democratic?

I used to respect the law of our land and the impartiality of our judiciary but after recent cases of judges over ruling Parliament I have lost that respect.

I do not hold our justice system in contempt,---


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Bertie_bert said...

Common law Judges or CORPORATION judges that is the question.
defenders of lawful judges versus the fraud of legal judges.