Wednesday, 25 April 2012


Political events in Europe are moving at an increasing pace.
The refusal of Geert Wilders to ratify the austerity programme asked by the EU on the Dutch Parliament has precipitated the resignation of the Dutch Prime Minister and an election in a couple of months.
Hopefully Wilders will as seems likely consolidate his power.

This, with the French presidential elections likely to result in a president at least likely to challenge many of the austerity requirements imposed by Germany will be another nail in the coffin of the EU.
The Greek economy is still weakening and Spain has record unemployment and the situation in Italy is worsening.

And the facts are that austerity is not necessary, the debts are caused by corrupt banking practices. No austerity is envisioned for them.

We are witnessing a slow break up of the existing EU set up while the leaders are throwing borrowed money at this failed concept to keep it going, in spite of increasing antipathy of the people of Europe.
These governments are prepared to impoverish their peoples, not for the sake of future prosperity but  for the sake of their internationalist dream and banker friends.

A good question would be. In whose interest are these so called leaders acting? They are supposed to be democratic but are certainly not acting according to the wishes or interests of the people.
Some of it may be pride, not wishing to admit they were wrong but there is another reason.

The leaders are in hock to the banking interests which feed parasite like on the populace, interests which are dependent on globalisation and internationalism. This last in turn depends on reducing national spirit and cohesion and thus immigration is encouraged and free speech opposing this treachery curtailed in the press and prosecuted in law.

This week the unholy alliance of the media barons in this country is being exposed in the courts, but this cosy relationship was just as rampant in the Labour administration.
That just a few wealthy news magnates can influence and dictate policy shows the degree to which we have lost our democracy.

In an effort to keep the whole Euro shambles on the road countries are being asked to "lend" money to the IMF which will later be lent to the EU. We are told by Osborne that his loan of £10 billion is safe and we will be paid interest on it. He does not say how much interest we will receive and if it is such a good thing, why not lend £100 billion.
The USA and canada have refused to take part in this good investment. Why?

It could be asked where this money is coming from given that we owe £billions to creditors and small businesses are starved of cash.
It is just throwing good money our money after bad for no good reason apart from attempting to achieve the impossible task of saving this rotten organisation.

 But the good news is that the peoples of Europe are starting to realise this great con and to rebel.
If they are thwarted politically, violence could ensue but the parasitic bankers who control the EU and their lackeys in power at present will try to hold on to the end.

But make no mistake if matters continue as they are doing the people will have their revenge.

And it may not be pretty.


Silly Kuffar said...

Hang the bankers and politicians from the lamposts around westminister.

Anonymous said...

These articles are the most clear understanding of the political situations as they are now and I thank you for your insight.Carry on the good work.From Mr Commonsense.


And stop paying for paki nukes and paki parasites in general.

Anonymous said...

The vampire squid -