Thursday, 2 February 2012


In a display of touching gratitude for our gift of billions of pounds in aid the Indian government has repaid us by threatening to buy inferior French war planes rather than ones made by British Aerospace.
Not many months ago Cameron was stating that aid was good for our economy and would help our exports. This has now been shown to be untrue.
No doubt the French used some jiggery pokery to get the order. Their government of whatever colour ALWAYS puts the French interest first however deceitful the methods needed to be employed.
OUR government on the other hand likes to "play the game" and display its caring and multicultural credentials in foreign affairs. The last delegation which was supposed among other things to have promoted the aircraft sale was heavily infiltrated with Asian people promoted above their abilities and only on account of the colour of their skin.
What did the Indians think about thuis display of neo colonialism?
Obviously nothing.
So why do we demean ourselves and donate money we have to borrow (£40 million per day) to a country with more billionaires than we have and who own large parts of British industry?
Because Cameron wants to show his fluffy careing credentials to all and sundry, and a fat lot of good it has done him.
As my wife's mother used to say "proffered goods stink". They are not appreciated.
When I was a child a relation of mine was given sixpence to by a kind shopkeeper to buy some sweets. She promptly took the money to the shop next door which she said had better sweets.
So giving is not always reciprocated especially when the gift is not asked for.
I however prefer to donate to charities of my own choosing and at my discretion and not to be compelled to by taxes.
So what should our reaction to this gross ingratitude be?
The money saved (a billion pounds) could be spent on projects which benefit us and our industry.
Reduce national insurance costs on our manufacturing industries, thus making them more competitive in international trade.
This policy could be replicated with all the foreign aid projects which unacceptible as they are are made even worse by the fact that the money does not go to the intended poor as was stated by an Indian last night but are syphoned off by corrupt officials both in the recipient countries and those administrating these funds here.
We, as a country can compete on equal terms with any others but we are beset by regulations and taxes which dilutes our competitiveness internationally.
There are too many ways we could rescue our industries and jobs to be detailed here but on this topic, if the £13 billion of borrowed money squandered on this unappreciated foreign aid was diverted to manufacturing in our country thus giving us a return on our investment we would be in a better position to face the financial armageddon which threatens us.
Our government is supposed to look after our interests not those of others. That is what a nationalist government would do.
The government must know what they are doing. If not they are not fit to govern.
If they do know they are--
TRAITORS, and with luck will face justice in the future and a justice more severe than that meted out to the ex Sir Fred Goodwin, for they have damaged our country far more.

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