Wednesday, 1 February 2012


Thank God for that, back on line at last after nearly a week.
There has been so much to comment on but the time for these comments is past.

Today the news is that ex Sir Fred (the shred) Goodwin is now plain Mr.

It is said he was not a very nice person to work for and I'm sure his employees will shed (shred?) few tears at his public disgrace.

Opinions are divided as to the merits of this withdrawal of an honour is right or justified.
Myself I couldn't care a damn.
A knighthood is worthless as can readily be judged by the poor calibre of many of those so "honoured", usually talentless media types or sportsmen and such worthies as "Sir" Mark Thatcher.
Not that it would ever happen but if I was offered this bauble I would decline rather than be associated with such mediocre types.
The same goes for those "elevated" to the Lords, many of whom with criminal records remain there. It seems that they can not be removed however bad their conduct and they have the power to influence our laws.

So why would it bother the ex Sir Fred that he no longer has his title?
Because for these people mere money is not enough. It seems they must have a bauble however much money they have, possibly an inferiority complex in spite of it. It may be just the ability to get the best table in a posh restaurant.

I believe ex Sir Fred should be punished together with the many others who have brought this financial catastrophe on our people, other bankers, politicians, senior civil servants, judges and the like.
How to do it? Remove their titles?

NO, hit them in their pockets as they have hit ours.

Deprive them of their unjustified pensions, after all they will have had the opportunity to save out of their massive salaries.
This would incentivise caution with other people's money and the nation's assets and will not be seen as rewarding failure.
Most small businessmen whom Cameron wants to revive the economy put their own money and futures at risk when they embark on a new venture.

Bankers and the rest of the financial so called industries should do the same.

Then perhaps we would have a more balanced prosperous country, but in any case--


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