Wednesday, 28 December 2011

UK to close borders, evacuate expats if euro collapses


ken haslam said...

if this is true lets hope and pray the euro collapses yesterday if not sooner

bertie bert said...

"The Houses of Parliament" in London, England.

Let's have a little quiz:
1. Who meets there?
2. What do they do there?
3. Do they help you in any way?

If your answers were:

1. "Members of the government"
2. "They represent all the people living in the country" and
3. "Yes, they create laws to protect me and my family"

Then let me congratulate you on getting every one of the answers wrong.

Didn't do too well on that quiz? OK, let's have another go:
4. When was slavery abolished?
5. Was slavery legal?
6. Are you in debt to a financial institution?

Here are the answers:
1. The serving officers of a commercial company.
2. They think up ways to take money and goods from you.
3. No, absolutely not, they help themselves and not you.
4. Slavery has NEVER been abolished and you yourself, are considered to be a slave right now.
5. Yes, slavery is "legal" although it is not "lawful" (you need to discover the difference).
6. No. You are NOT in debt to any financial institution.

Does this seem a little strange to you? If it does, then read on:

Andyj said...

The mad nutcases are making plans to protect the Euro.

One of their plans is to NOT allow European money into the UK. A good point if they want to protect factories because the pound will rise in value. A bad one for investment profits and the tax returns that will add to.

We should accept their money and the profits will get rid of our debts.

Not allowing people to enter the UK will be a farce. As usual.