Monday, 26 December 2011


Stories abound in the media today of crowds rushing out in to what has become a post Christmas tradition, the sales.
To my mind all this is an indication of collective madness or hysteria induced by subtle commercial programming. That it is so important to the shops to encourage this madness shows how much of a margin they usually make on their wares.

Now I am as keen on a bargain as anyone else but I was told by my mother many years ago that a "bargain" that you did not need was not a bargain, but expensive.

Many of the things bought in the sales consist of cheap Chinese crap which are completely un necessary to anybody's standard of living. There are I realise some shoppers from the Far East who crowd the London shops for luxury goods (which is code for extravagent) but these are mainly made abroad and apart from the shop's profits bring little in to our country.
It will be of little benefit to our manufacturing industry.

This seasonal madness does not benefit our country. It helps the shops but increases imports and does not in my opinion increase the total happiness of the people even when not bought on credit.
Unnecessary goods bought on credit bring the misery of a debt slave to those participating and only help shops, bankers and foreign manufacturers.

Next year will be hard for everybody as a result of excessive personal and government spending and we will need all we can save. Far better to reduce debts and save our money as the future looks bleak.

So I shall not be visiting the sales and thus not be tempted to waste my money. That will remain in my pocket, ready for a rainy day.

On that bleak note I hope all have had a happy Christmas and that we all will not be too hard hit next year by the looming economic turmoil.

Remember relationships with family and friends are more important than cheap (or dear) baubles and do not cost.


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