Saturday, 31 December 2011


It's New Year's Eve again and we have the usual list of those deemed by the government worthy of "honours".
This charade is a demonstration of who the government holds in high regard and in so doing throws a spotlight on their values.

The knighthood "for services to the arts" bestowed on a man who reputably made £100 million betting on the downfall of Northern Rock (not a very productive way to make your money).
His half million donation to the Tory party was incidental and even though he has engaged in and represents the worst aspects of the corrupt banking system he is considered good enough to be knighted.

Then we have Gerald Ronson, a jailed thief and fraudster rehabilitated after his spell at Her Majesty's pleasure, for his work for charity, no doubt subsidised by the money he has creamed from the banking and property businesses to which he returned following his release.

People may remember his co defendant Guinness who developed Alzheimers in jail and was released early when he made a miraculous recovery, the first recorded instance of a cure for that disease.

Then we have the thug and ex drug dealer who received an award for not returning to his former criminal activities (yet) who also got an award, for being black I presume as I've heard of no young white ex thugs who have been so honoured, nor of the millions of people who have helped their communities without first becoming a criminal

Golfers and various arty farty people have received gongs but few people who have contributed anything to our nation have received anything.

If I was offered an honour I would decline it, not wanting to be associated with the sleazy business men, so called sportsmen or theatrical luvvies, not that I ever would be and nor would any true patriot. And that says it all. It shows the priorities of the ruling elites and they sure as hell are not the people who have contributed to our nation.

One exception I would is Jonathan Ive who played a big part in the development of the I pad and showed what British people can do. Unfortunately he had to use his talents in the USA and his brilliance did little to help Britain finacially, but he did contribute something to human knowledge and wellbeing, unlike many of the others who are just parasites.

The Tories have shown that they are in hock to the sleazy worlds of business and finance with token appeasement actions to blacks and sportsmen (golfers mainly, what does that say about them?) and luvvies. But Labour are no different and in the past have awarded gongs to people of dubious value and repute.

If the honours system is to be of any value the highest should be given to those who have built up MANUFACTURING and other businesses providing employment rather than taking them over, breaking them up and selling them to foreigners.
Other awards should recognise campaigners and workers who seek to improve the lot of the ordinary person and indeed some are awarded to such people, but these will be people who do not question the status quo or rock the boat.

It is obvious the biggest gongs are given to the powerful people in the finance, media and posh sports categories while lesser gongs are thrown out like the late dictator of Haiti, Papa Doc threw out money to his impoverished citizens to keep them quiet.

Our system is hardly less corrupt than his was.

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Andyj said...

Backslapping, even worse than the Nobel prize.
Noted these?

Al Gore 2007 For lying about AGW and
Barack Obama 2009
Both for PEACE??? It must of been a pair of very lean years for a candidate.