Saturday, 31 December 2011


I am sure you'll all agree that the senseless and unprovoked murder of Indian student Anuj Bidve, 23 in Salford on Boxing Day morning was a shocking act of inconceivable wanton violence of the very highest order and iterates just what our society has now become and how worthless someone's life is to others.

As we learn that the fifth person arrested in connection to the murder was from Leigh - we also understand that there is a £50,000 reward leading to the arrest and conviction of the killer and in addition will also be treated by the GMP as a "hate" crime as explained here below:

Speaking at a press conference yesterday, Chief Superintendent Kevin Mulligan said detectives were not ruling out that the shooting might have been racially motivated.

He said: 'A racially-motivated crime is when there is actual evidence to show that it is the actual motivation for the crime.'

He said a hate crime, 'by definition, is something that a community or anyone perceives is racially motivated'

Just click on this link here for a short video on who determines it may just be a hate crime:

In contrast to the above heinous crime take a look at the tragic murder that took place earlier in December in London:

A teenager has been viciously stabbed to death as he tried to flee a gang of youths.

The victim, named locally as Danny O'Shea, was chased and had his throat slashed outside his mother's front door in Newham, east London last night.

Sadly this has already been dropped by the mainstream media and no £50,000 reward for the conviction of the killers has been offered.

Is someone's life worth more dependent upon the colour of their skin?

Of course!

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