Tuesday, 18 October 2011


October 22nd will see the BNP Ideas conference, at which the future direction of nationalism in the UK could well be decided.

It is certainly clear that we cannot go on as we are under the lame duck leadership of Nick Griffin, forever tainted by financial scandals and underhanded shenanigans.

Nick and his doings are the past though, what we must decide now is where we must go from here, and how we will take nationalism, the only hope of Britain and the British people, forward.

It is the perfect time for nationalism to thrive - how we will make that happen is key. Not continuing to pick apart the past, not rehashing what is water under the bridge, not bogging ourselves down with yesterdays news.

Learn from the past and move on to a brighter future.

I do not know how the conference will turn out, or what will be decided, but I am optimistic - we have so many great people who do, and will, work selflessly to make sure that Britain has a future.

Together we will move forward, we will make this work out. We can make it work and indeed we must make it work. Britain has no other choice, it's now or never.

Should all go to plan we at Southwest Nationalists will be bringing you live updates on this website throughout the day as events unfold, so be sure to check back in often on the 22nd if you can't make it along to the conference in person, we should be posting throughout the day.


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