Tuesday, 18 October 2011


Perhaps the most important conference in Nationalist history for years takes place on Saturday in what could be a make or break moment for our Nationalist movement
The BNP ideas will give all interested people a chance to put forward their opinion of the way forward.

After the euphoria following the election of our two MEPs and three county councillors the BNP has been on the slide.
We really did think we were on the way to even more success, so why did we fail and dissillusion and factionalism set in? Why did our electoral results and percentages decline? Why has Party membership declined?

Why have we failed to connect with the electorate when the omens for national disaster are so obvious?


The loss of morale in our activist base owing to shady financial practices, arbitrary sackings and the promotion of unsuitable people to posts of authority have meant the loss of virtually all the best talent in the BNP with a consequent decline in intelligent policies.

It has been alleged that many now not in the Party are moles or Searchlight spies, the usual rubbish.
I believe we have been infiltrated but I also believe those infiltrators are still in positions of power in the Party such as the Advisory Council. After all it's not much use being a spy if you are expelled and can exert no influence.

Many good people with a long history of hard work and valuable contributions to the nationalist cause have now, wrongly in my opinion deserted to the plethora of smaller parties which suit their own particular brand of nationalism. It's almost as if there are as many different brands of nationalism as there are nationalists, each with their own priorities.
In addition there are many who share our views but would not call themselves Nationalist but just people wishing for a more just country where our people come first, and above all--

THEY DON'T LIKE NICK GRIFFIN. In spite of his narrowly winning the leadrship, he is a vote loser with the general electorate.

There are policies of all these groups and small parties with which I agree and some with which I do not.
Just say I agree with 80% of BNP policies, 80% of English Democrat and 80% of Freedom policies and even 50% of UKIP policies, and I possibly do that still leaves 50% of the policies of those parties with which I agree.
So what are we doing now. We are concentrating on the small percentages where we differ.
The broad spectrum of nationalist minded people agree on the core policy which is the well being of our country and people.

We should first of all be generalist nationalist parties. We should not argue the differences between Ethnic and Civic nationalism.
WE should avoid inflammatory "racist" remarks which allow the media to tar us with the "Fascist" brush which they will do however unjustified that is. We must avoid criticizing Jews, many of them support us but are fearful of voting for us.

The Middle East is nothing to do with us, another poloicy which puts people off voting for us.
Our policy on that is "we have none".

We should avoid detailed policy statements apart from those of a broad Nationalism. Thus homosexuality, abortion, guns or capital punishment should not be core policies.
These and many others can be reasons why people are dissuaded from voting for us.
The official line on even some of these policies I disagree with and stressing them divides us when we are otherwise in agreement. In my case these details do not matter in the broad nationalist context BUT TO MANY THEY DO, and stressing or even mentioning these loses us votes and support.

WE need all the votes we can garner from all those who agree with us on most things but are put off by minor details.

Margaret Thatcher did not say in her manifesto she would destroy the coal and other industries and squander our industrial might and North Sea oil to do so.
She even promised to curb immigration and renaged on it after she gained power.

Ring any bells? Cameron and his referendum for example.

Tony Blair did not promise to go to war as America's poodle or massively increase immigration, but look what happened.

We must cease having a multitude of small policy details, each of which is important to somebody and their inclusion stops their support for us.

We must be broad brush Nationalists and Patriots and put minor differences behind us.

So yes we should put a stop to immigration, foreign control of our industries, green and other taxes which cost us dear in our fuel bills and put our industries at a disadvantage ,engagement in foreign wars and exit the EU.
We must stress our determination to remain a British society whose ancient values are preserved.

These few headings encompass our core beliefs and THOSE OF THE MAJORITY OF THE ELECTORATE, and that is the point if we are ever to get elected to any power.

I would hope this conference will delegate a committee to seek negotiations with the other nationalist groups to combine under the banner of a new untainted party for our mutual benefit.
It would of course have to dissociate itself from the toxic BNP brand, but be open to all true nationalists, apart from some of the present leadership.
We would have to put behind us old personal animosities . Forgive and forget. Friendship although pleasant is not the primary cause.

WE must show the British people we are on their side. We do have to accept that many non muslim families who have been here for years will have to be allowed to remain if they integrate.
I don't like it any more than anyone else but facts are facts and we can not unbake the cake.

BUT, if we unite under these proposals we can stop our cake getting burnt.
It depends on us.






Mr Commonsense said...

Some good old Wigan commonsense.Go for it.We must all pull together in a unity of purpose.And as you so clearly state our only goal is to save our own folk.There's not much wrong with that!

Mr Commonsense said...

Right on!

Mr Commonsense said...

Good old Wigan commonsense at last.