Tuesday, 27 September 2011


There are it seems new members in the BNP replacing the seasoned activists who have in several ways been sidelined or sacked from the Party.
I have heard of few of them so they are obviously new recruits, but their presence demonstrates a desire to help save our country and I wish them well.

I am told the recent NW organisers meeting was bland and nothing of note came out of it, hardly surprising given the inexperience of the new members.

I wonder how long before these at present fired up members will last. Not long I would suspect.
They will either give up exhausted at fighting what will become evident as a lost cause or disagree with the leadership and be suspended or worse.

This has been the weak link of the party for the last ten years. Rapid turnover.
People join, enthusiastic but give up after all too few years, only to be replaced by others.
They remain nationalists but give up on the Party, disillusioned by incompetence and infighting.

Why, when the country faces a financial abyss caused by incompetent government, a cultural catastrophe and mounting unemployment is the Party not doing better?

In spite of these new enthusiastic members we are losing ground even as the conditions for our growth are favourable.
No one trusts the major parties but our influence decreases.
We are in effect ignored. We do not matter.

The point is that a majority of British people are fearful for the future, want a party which supports their interests and not those of international bankers and foreigners but decline to support us.
The party's financial mismanagement and unlikable leadership are not the real cause of our decreasing influence.

Our trouble is that we portray the wrong image, push the wrong policies and miss the immediate issues which would differentiate us from the other parties.

A favourite medical regime to satisfy patients was to give patients something to do to take their mind off their complaints.
The BNP is doing the same in politics, in effect wasting activists time.

I believe the present policies of the Party of getting signatures at table tops to exit the EU and Bring Our Boys home are a waste of time.
The vast majority of the people believe in these issues, indeed there have been large anti war demonstrations in London and an internet petition against the EU.

What difference therefore do they think a few signatures taken at a table top will make?

It will achieve nothing politically but will exhaust the energies of the new activists on blind alley campaigns when with different issues they could make a huge difference.

It is not rocket science, but I am beginning to believe it is a deliberate ploy to divert the enthusiasm of the new activists from more productive activities.
Make of that what you will, but I do not think those who have been expelled are State assets. These latter remain in the Party in my opinion.

Think what we could achieve if we concentrated on jobs, housing, banks, taxes Britishness, etc, matters of great importance to everybody.
We would not have to mention immigration except as a contributing factor to our national woes, and thus free ourselves from the racist tag.

I doubt whether the BNP as now run will move along these lines.

Mike Whitby said the last time I heard him that if something was not working it was stupid to continue on the same way. That is where I do agree with him, so why is the Party continuing along the same failed path?

I have answered that question above.



It surely is time to call it a day,like greece this is just prolonging the agony for no visible benefit.The bnp has become simply a vehicle to pay griffins bills,and i am sick of his emails purporting success when in fact the party is mortally wounded,when now this country needs electable nationalists,when now the time is ripe for the longed for change, in the hearts of our people there exists only bewilderment,and apathy,which forces them to vote ,red,yellow,or blue communist.wrap it up and start again.

Andyj said...

I once read a comment off the "Stormfront" forum. One NF'er said the BNP membership was like trying to fill a bath with no plug and he solely placed the blame on NG's man management.

This must of been said well over six or more years ago.

Englishman, We are the electable. NG should sideline himself from local politics (excluding EU business) for his and our own good.