Wednesday, 28 September 2011


The shambles which is known as the EU and the financial problems it faces and can not solve are a result of the fashinonable for now idea that diversity is a good thing.
The Euro is finished. It may linger on helped by ever draconian measures to try and ensure it survival.

New taxes are proposed to solve the financial crisis which are not the fault of Greece but the idiotic idea that different nations with different cultures and financial rules can be united under a common umbrella.
This can never be achieved by the consent of the various peoples and nations of Europe. It is only possible by undemocratic edicts issued by Brussels encouraged by the "ex"? Communist Barrosso who proposes a tax on financial transactions to pay some of the bills.

Now I have no problems with taxing the bankng parasites, many of whom are based in the City of London and who create no wealth but feed on the carcasses of businses they have destroyed by buying cheap, swearing the assets and selling them off to the detriment of our country.

Yes we should hit these thieves hard.
But Barosso's idea is that any taxes gained from this action should be given to Europe to pay their debts.
We should tax them and keep the money here.

It seems that thse unelected commissars will stop at nothing to save their EU project.
They will do anything, put people on the dole, destroy industries and even nations to promote their internationalist project.
It is straight out of the "Frankfurt School" of Marxist thought.

These people who champion diversity or so they say, object to European diversity. Their aim is to have a monolithic EUSSR controlled not by the democratic wishes of the people but the bureaucrats of Brussels.

Tonight on Newsnight we saw signs of the Greek society breaking down. They are stuck in the situation caused by their membership of the Euro.

Different countries have their own societies, their own cultures, strengths and weaknesses and can not survive as coherent societies if brought into a supposedly unified whole.

It is indeed ironic that those in power and who are imposing diversity on our country wish and are trying to impose uniformity on the many different proud nations which make up the European peoples.

That it will not work is shown by the trouble with the Euro project. It never will. It has been tried by empire builders of far greater calibre than the overpaid bureaucrats who are now just as undemocratically in charge.
Caesar, Charlemagne, Napoleon, Stalin and Hitler all tried to unite our European nations against the will of the people and failed and in doing so nearly brought the house down.
But they eventually failed by the will of the people.

They will fail again. It will be costly and we may have to pay a price for our hard won freedom as our forebears have before but it will have to be done whatever the cost.
Freedom trumps all and will eventually prevail and we can look forward to friendly relations with our European brothers working in our own way to secure the future of our continent FOR THE PEOPLE and not the bureaucrats and bankers who have cheated us for the last forty years.

Those who think they rule us will use every last weapon in their armory to preserve their idea of a Eurostate but the end for these traitors is nigh.

The European people will prevail.

Let's hope the German Parliament tomorrow rejects pouring more money down the drain to satisfy the bankers and bureaucrats of Brussels and save our continent and our future.

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