Thursday, 28 July 2011


There is a proposal in yesterday's "British National Party ideas" fo a "Think Tank" to discuss ways of going forward from here.

BTW I believe this site is excellent and would commend everybody to visit it rather than the official site as the articles cover a wider range of topics and are better thought out and written, not surprising considering the calibre of those still "on side" with Nick Griffin.

I, like many others have been wondering what we could do to improve our chances, and having dwelt on this topic have become increasingly optimistic that the prospect of a nationalist revival is possible if we do the right things.

But first we have to consider why we are where we are.

Yes I know we have been in recent weeks preoccupied by our own in party matters and conflict, but we perhaps have forgotten the momentous national and international events taking place.
I have been following these in the last two days in the papers comments section especially following the horrific murders in Norway supposedly, in that madman's idea to protect European civilisation.

The media especially the left wing papers and the BBC have endeavoured to pin this outrage on us and our party. What struck me was the overwhelming majority of the thousands of comments which expressed the fear that Europe is becoming taken over by muslim people and are thus potential supporters of ours.

So why have we not harvested that support?

The answers are that we are perceived as too extreme by voters and internally we are concentrating on the wrong things.

WE spend too much time on semantics, Civic Nationalism versus Ethno Nationalism for example.
We are all Nationalists as are many of our compatriots so we should stress that unity.
I am neither. I am an Economic Nationalist and believe all will fall into place as a result of nationalistic economic policies, but again these details are irrelevant if we are to unite as a force for good in our nation.

Most people from all parties are against further immigration so we should promote that part of our policies without bothering about the details.

When you are in a hole, first stop digging rather than discussing which spade to use.

The campaigns the party has mounted, although on serious matters are of little significance in the larger picture. Yes muslim grooming is horrific and all are agreed on this, but putting a large part of our resources into campaigns such as this gain few votes.
Similarly the incompetently run "Bring our Boys Home" petition does not differntiate us enough from other parties, nor does the halal meat campaign gain us many votes.

We should as nationalists keep our noses out of the Israel/ Palestine conflict, again, it has nothing to do with us and gains us few votes.

Inteperate comments about Jews and executing our present politicians just puts people off and invites comparison to totalitarian regimes such as the Nazis and Stalinist Communists.

These attitudes have tainted people's image of nationalism, giving the impression of nasty vindictive attitudes.

Instead we should be pointing out that countries, often nominally Communist such as China are Nationalist, and that Nationalism has been an ingredient in their success. Nationalism has been successful in Japan and other Far East countries and even Germany where people and governments support their own economies.
Indeed every successful country in the world has gained that success as a result of a nationalist ideology.

We must promote the positive aspects of Nationalism and counter the negative connotations that word brings in our society,but we must do it in a form that is not and does not look extreme but rather a unifying philosophy which protects us rather than discriminates against others.

There are many ways we could effect this.
The phone hacking scandal has not yet run its course but even now both major parties have been shown to be mired in corruption and in hock to a ruthless foreigner who has in effect taken over our government.

The incompetence of our government is daily shown and many of its most stupid actions have only been taken after consulting Murdoch, such as the war in Iraq.
Now we are bogged down in Libya, again sticking our noses where they have no business to be.

More dangerous than all the above however but swept under the table by the capitalist banking cabal is the imminent collapse of the Euro and the American Dollar.
Chickens really are coming home to roost and economic disaster looms as countries attempt to pay interest to the international bankers on money they have created out of thin air to lend at high rates of interest.This money can only be repaid by continuing to grow the economy.

Any fool can see that in a finite world growth can not continue for ever but the powers that be continue on this path to disaster as they are financed by this fraud.

While we have been preoccupied with our internal matters international events have been to some extent under our radar.


Well I think a "think tank" meeting for disaffected members, past and present together with other concerned people should be set up. A new party could be set up, free from the toxicity of the Griffinite BNP which could bind all the various strands of nationalism under a common banner.


Yes I think so, and quite easily.In every area there are people who have left the party disillusioned with the leadership and others who have been expelled.There are in all areas nuclei around which we could build on the hunger for a nationalist party which is evident in the comments to papers AND WHICH WE HAVE NOT TAPPED.


No. The fact that we have left in disgust or been expelled would be a point in our favour in public perception.We could use this to our advantage portraying us as a clean honest party whose members had the courage of their convictions to leave the old one . We could show ourselves to have been the victims of a con trick to our cost and distance ourselves from the chicanery and extremism of the present party.

The leadership contest has had a cathartic effect I believe in halting our downward spiral.It has concentrated minds. It has sifted those who wish to carry on in the Griffinite mould from those who have seen the light, sometimes belatedly.

If a new clean party is formed, purged of staunch Griffinites, the members could use their past membership of the BNP as a badge of honour showing that they had seen the light and rejected factionalism, financial irregularities, incompetence and extremism.
Remember the people who supported Brons are the intellectuals in the present party.
A new party would have a ready made management team.


We are not responsible for Griffin's debts, so we could start with a clean sheet in more ways than one.


There is a rich seam of Nationalist support out there.



Dr Chris Hill said...

LankuPatriot said:

"...........ourselves to have been the victims of a con trick to our cost and distance ourselves from the chicanery and extremism of the present party."

I say:
At last the penny drops!

However the idea of a new party is a non starter. Not simply because it's been tried so many times by ex-members in the situation before. In 2000 the Edwards started the Freedom party; in 2008 Cllr Jim Luthwaite started the National Democrats; and in 2010 some disgusted ex members started the British Freedom party. All have now slipped into oblivion! The other reason for your idea not being sound, is of course that time is running out for the British people. There simply isn't time to build a new party from scratch.

The only real choice you have (at least in my humble opinion) is to join one of the established parties, and use your democratic right as a member of that party to improve its policies.

Anyway Charles I'm glad to see that you have now seen the light and are prepared to leave Nick Griffin run his fan club on his own. What ever you decide I wish you and all the Wigan group the best of luck, and I'll keep watching this blog with great interest.

Lanky Patriot said...

Chris, the penny dropped a long time ago.

The people you mention in oblivion are still there and working behind the scenes. I speak to them and they would hopefully join a new party.

You say join one of the main parties.

There is not time to influence those prisoners of international capitalism and your UKIP is just a Tory safety valve.

If we accept that time is running out for us any party is a waste of time especially the corrupt main ones and I include "one policy" UKIP.

The EDL, although not my cup of tea has made great strides and if it can leave its hooligan element behind and unite with other nationalists as a proper party we may have a chance.

One thing certain I will never join any of the other parties,including your beloved UKIP

Dr Chris Hill said...


Is there still an active Wigan group, or has it become so fragmented that, in all but name, it has ceased to exist?

Lanky Patriot said...

Yes, but we are at present in hibernation.

We are all in contact, below the radar and will emerge when the situation becomes clearer.

Let's say we are the patriotic Wigan & Leigh underground.


Dr Chris Hill said...

I'm glad to hear it.

Durotrigan said...

Good suggestion. The BNP is finished. As for the comment re Jim Lewthwaite, his micro-party was named Democratic Nationalists. Having seen one of their flyers, it focused on the things that really don't have much bearing upon local elections: e.g. why bother focusing on defence and capital punishment? Neither are relevant to local elections. Moreover, capital punishment should be a matter of conscience.

The focus, as you say, needs to be on promoting nationalist policies as the solution to the economic mess that in which we find ourselves using the positive examples of countries such as Japan and South Korea. Focus on the economy, as people will know that a nationalist party will be opposed to mass immigration, Islamisation and EU membership. These are all givens.

Provide people with the promise of a better economic future in which they have a greater stake in their workplaces and employers are not permitted to degrade living conditions through the employment of imported labour or outsourcing. Also highlight the need for a balanced demographic policy which will ease our country's overcrowding. As you note, leave the bickering and nonsensical "I'm more nationalist than you are!" behind. Politically, the latter stance gets us nowhere.

By way of an aside, you may be interested in this video news report from Oslo. Sobering:

Dr Chris Hill said...

Durotrigan said:

"As for the comment re Jim Lewthwaite, his micro-party was named Democratic Nationalists."

I say:
My mistake, I really didn't take much notice of any of these fly by night parties. But I should at least have spelt Jim's Surname correctly, and for that I apologise. However my point remains valid I think.