Saturday, 30 July 2011


It is becoming ever more evident that the running of the recent leadership election was flawed and in some cases fraudulent.

Voting members were not sent voting forms to my knowledge by the membership secretary Mrs Mathys. There may have been a valid reason for this such as the incompetence for which she is well known.

There was also a climate of fear among the more timid members when they realised that they and the way they voted could be easily ascertained with sanctions implemented against them. This means to me that they would have voted Brons if they had dared.
I do not know what sanctions they feared, but it does show a climate of fear entirely inappropriate in a political party.

Suspensions and expulsions also helped the "Griffinite" side, and Eddy Butler did the Brons cause no good by encouraging members to leave the party.

Eddy on his blog of yesterday is thus disingenuous by saying he held fire in order to avoid hurting the Brons campaign.
He also says the BNP is a toxic brand but yet he attempted to lead it last year, raher a contradiction I think, and not what he said at the meeting in Dewsbury which I attended and which got me in trouble earlier this year.

He tells us what he now thinks is wrong with the party and in a future post he will inform us of his answers. It's getting like an Agatha Christie plot, hopefully with no murder later in the story.

It is always interesting to read these blogs and sometimes they throw a new aspect one has not thought of before, even though there is sometimes much to disagree with.


I have been a member for nearly 9 years and know about "The Decembrists" incident.
There was fault on both sides. It was started by Nick Griffin and one thing led to another with attack and counter attack until the inexcusible "nuclear" option of the membership leak occurred,causing much damage to our party and some members.

I don't want to go into all the details, suffice it to say I know all of them.

The point I make is it could have been avoided with sense on BOTH sides.

So the rebels fell by the wayside and though wounded we got back to business and put the incident out of our mind, and began to make good progress.
We were on a roll, but a series of gaffes exploited by a hostile press undermined our image and political progress.
Again these could have been avoided. We supplied the ammunition.

Internally hints of financial irregularity surfaced and the party became involved in unneccessary legal cases at further cost. Accounts were submitted late and bills not paid.
We asked for financial transparency but were not given it, but I hung on in spite of ever poorer electoral results, hoping for a turnround and a revival.

I PUT MY DOUBTS BEHIND ME especially as Nick Griffin had PROMISED to retire from the leadership in 2014 with the generous pension he sneaked through at the Codnor meeting.

I was uneasy at the conference when he said that he would offer 20% payment of all bills owing, take it or leave it.
I thought it unfair to the small businessmen who had helped us to be treated so shabbily, especially as the party had crowed that we had had £1.6 million in donations.

We asked where the money had gone. Just give us the accounts, all to no avail.

Even then I was a supporter of the leadership, I had nowhere else to go.

At the conference last December a motion for a democratic structure taking power back from the Chairman and put forward by Arthur Kemp was almost unanimously passed.

Clive Jefferson was one of the few who opposed it.

I knew it would take some time (possibly 2/3 months) to be implemented, but when I found out in February that it would not come to pass because of objections from the Chairman that was the last straw for me. It was what finally removed the blinkers from my eyes and I began to search other avenues.

All this time our region was collapsing under the dictatorial methods of Clive Jefferson and I realised that to carry on in the same way we risked oblivion.

Then we learnt that Nick ("in response to popular demand", don't make me laugh) had decided to go for another term, this time for 4 years, an idea that was explicitly rejected at Codnor 3 years ago (before the era of proxy votes)

Nationalism is the only hope for our country but I believe we are failing to engage the voters because of wrong tactics, emphasis and those who are implementing them.

Internal party finances and democracy are matters of little consequence to the voting public but deficiencies in these have had a devastating effect on activist morale. It is no good pretending all is well when it is obvious we are going downhill.

We must change our methods, internally and externally and perhaps senior personnel if we are to survive.

WE CAN AND WILL SURVIVE as a movement,but--

We I think will have to change our name.



Dr Chris Hill said...

Call this proposed new party what ever you like because, like all the others that have been started after disgruntled members saw through Griffin, it will peter out after a few months.

Because I've been banned from posting (at least on this blog) about the only really effective action ex BNP members can take, I'll say only that they should look at all existing political parties before wasting time and effort on a doomed to fail new party.

Lanky Patriot said...

Chris, you have not been banned on this blog, but you do keep going on like a scratchy record or a parrot and sometimes people are a bit sick of the same old waffle.

I have never banned anybody Chris but we have heard it all before.

Silly Kuffar said...

@ Chris Hill.

I have to agree with Lanky that your not saying anything new that you haven't already said on this sites comment section.

Do you have some sort of fascination with our group and blog ?

Is ukip that boring that you have to come here for intellectual stimulation or have you been banned from commenting on ukip blogs ?

Do us a favour Chris, come back when you have something of importance to say.

Dr Chris Hill said...

Silly Kuffar Said:

"Do you have some sort of fascination with our group and blog?

I say:
Yes I certainly do have a fascination (although I would call it an interest) with the Wigan group. That fascination was to watch Griffin's madness destroy a group that has so much potential and for a time was fully exploiting it. But you should not get the impression that Wigan was anything special, it wasn't. Bradford, Leeds, Blackpool, and even Preston all to had potential. And all to were destroyed under Griffin's Chairmanship.

As for going on about the same old things, yes you're right I do. Since Dec 2007 I've been going on about Griffin's madness, and now .................Well you work it out.

Silly Kuffar said...

So ukip have nothing to offer you really.

Why did you bother with them and have you been banned from commenting on ukip blogs, you spend quite a lot of time on here, could you not do something useful for ukip instead of talking cr*p on here ?

Dr Chris Hill said...

Silly Kuffar said:
".........instead of talking cr*p on here?"

I say:
Ok produce one example where I've posted nonsense on this blog.