Saturday, 9 July 2011


Enough for a while of this navel gazing!

There will be few nationalists who do not feel a little schadenfreude at the closure of the News of The World.

The owner, ruthless global capitalist Murdoch is finally getting a few of his just desserts. His paper's underhand and criminal tactics to sensationalise and libel innocent people who can not afford legal redress have been long notorious.

Our party has often been libelled by his publications, mainly I believe on account of our opposition to his capitalist creed which puts the interests of the wealthy above the people of our country.

Of course he has no allegience to Britain. He is an Aussie living in the USA and his media empire with its near stranglehold on news represents a danger to democracy.

He has far too much power and political influence for one who has not been elected, and the courting of him and subaservience to him by our political leaders shows their contempt for us and their cowardice.

As has been said before "absolute power corrupts absolutely"

Fortunately he has been shown that he does not have absolute power and it is to be hoped that he is to be cut down to size.

Not that the other press barons are much better. The press is controlled by less than a dozen powerful men, all biased against the British people and our party.

The internet is giving us an opportunity to counter this democratic deficit but the press still remains powerful.

That's why the demise or rebranding of VoF is such a disappointment. Formerly it was printed on newsprint and was informative and well edited and people asked for it.
The new version looks like a leaflet which in effect it is with little to stimulate the reader.

The reason for this change was said to be to improve it, but I have been told it was because we had not paid for the printing of previous editions.

Whatever the reason there is little demand for it, and we still in spite of the internet need a newspaper vehicle to promote our policies.

Who decided to change the format and the reason I can only have an educated guess, another reason for openness in our party.

Be that as it may, PLEASE BRING BACK VOF

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