Saturday, 9 July 2011


We received our booklet from supporters of Andrew Brons this morning.

It is dynamite and exposes in a clear and concise form some of the shady practices and corruption employed by the leadership of the party.

It charts in detail the decline in our party fortunes over the last two years with the numbers of council seats lost and our proportion of the vote going down.

Any leader who was interested in the future of our party and country would have done the decent thing and resigned as he promised.
Yes Nick Griffin has done great things in the past but it is time for him to go before he does more damage.

The booklet has got them rattled and contain the allegations of "lies".I have had a text and e mail asking me to complain about the leaflet.

If so let the party sue, after all Griffin seems to spend much of his time in court at great cost to the membership.

Let him prove the so called lies, an accusation he frequently uses without any proof.

It is alleged that the leaflet has been put out by Butler.That is not true.

Although I have had no part in it I know who has put it out . It was put out by Party members and thus not third parties as alleged.It was not put out by Andrew Brons nor I believe with his knowledge.

It was put out in an attempt to clear away the deceit and chicanery of the present leadership and tell the truth openly, and hopefully save our party from its downward spiral.

It is said to be illegal.
No it is not. It is only illegal according to the rules made up by Griffin to consolidate his advantage.

Some will have to wait until Monday as the letter was sent second class.

I was unable to attend the hustings last night but have been told that Brons was accused of wishing to bring Sadie Graham back in.
Completely untrue.
Also Clive Jefferson kept butting in with accusations that Brons owed the party money including £500 for the use of a table at the annual conference which he did not ask for.

I was at the conference and the question must be asked why the use of a table whether oredered or not justifies the cost of £500.

The same accusation was made in Liverpool I believe.

It is evident that Andrew is the man of integrity and refuses to divert EU funds illegally, a misdemeanour for which the party is now being charged by the EU.

I suppose by putting my views on this blog I will be considered a third party.

No I am not.
I am a long standing member and refuse to be denied my say, and I say that if (when) Griffin wins the party will rapidly decline into obscurity.

The sad thing is that it was all so unnecessary.

A democratic party devoid of expulsions for asking questions and openness over financial matters could have prevented all this.

All we get are allegations of lieing.

To sort it out once and for all--PUBLISH THE ACCOUNTS AND MEMBERSHIP NUMBERS and refute the allegations.


Anonymous said...

Well well seems like the brons camp are already getting nervous!

Leigh, Lancashire Nationalist said...

The "Party Overview...A Report on the Mismanagement of the BNP" by the independent Brons supporters was a riveting read - although, I had known about 90% or so of the revelations in it beforehand. Thus bringing me to my own conclusions about the present state of the party well in advance of what we have now.

I too didn't attend the hustings primarily as I'd already sent my vote in on Friday morning via recorded delivery - so, hence anything they each had to say yesterday afternoon and evening wouldn't have made one ounce of difference to which way I voted.

Lanky Patriot said...

How do you come to that conclusion?

We know the odds and proceedure are stacked against us and that it will be difficult for Brons to win.

However we have nothing to fear as our jobs are not on the line and theirs are in any case as if Griffin loses they will be sacked and if he wns the party will self destruct.

Brons does not seek power for financial gain, just an attempt to salvage the party.

Anonymous said...

Good grief you live and learn,now lets see.
Chichanery:-use of tricks.
Ethics:-science of morals.
Although it must be said that some characters think that Ethics is a place you pass through on your way to Suffolk/Norfolk.
Can Griffin repudiate what is being said by many people?.
If he can do this in a clear and concise manner together with chapter and verse verifiable evidence then he should do so.
If not then he should shut up and put up.
Remember the old saying:-
There is no point to absolute power and wealth unless you have the henchmen/women who know your mind and will do your bidding.

Anonymous said...

I have just read the booklet from Andrew Brons's supporters, and if only half of the allegations are true the BNP is finished as a credible political party.

Criminals at the very top levels of the party, and £600,000 of doubts. A very senior national officer who has had to change his name because of his criminal past. Numerous unpaid doubts to small British firms, who trusted the party with credit, and an unknown number of hidden bank accounts, over which the Griffin family have sole control.

Wake up Wigan! Griffin is running a criminal organisation, not a genuine political party. Andrew's challenge is pointless, because even if by some miracle he was to win, he would be unable to save either the party's finances or its reputation.

My advice is: Move on!

Andyj said...

I knew I saw this man somewhere before in Griffin central. Do you know who I am thinking of?

Anonymous said...

My advice is: Move on!
10 July 2011 12:05 Anon

Talk is cheap, prove it, where is the evidence ? You have made some very nasty remarks. Put up or shut up. Sick to death of all this crap.

A Guest

Anonymous said...

I'm a loyal Griffinite, and I very much have my own mind thank you. Mr. Griffin has done an amazing amount of fantastic work for Nationalism, and takes all the abuse and criticism on the chin. He lifted Nationalism out of the gutter, rid it of the bovver boot look and brought it to the forefront of politics.

Nobody else made Nationalism OK. He did. Before him, it was taboo and derogatory to be a Nationalist.

We wouldn't have Nationalist MEPs fighting Britain's corner in Europe if it wasn't for Mr. Griffin.

If Mr. Griffin is ousted, then I and many others will leave too. Hopefully he'll take over or create a new party.

Lanky Patriot said...

To Anonymous,

I have tries twice to answer you but I keep being thrown off and it is my blog, but I'll try again.

Yes Nick Griffin did much for the party (with the help of money and work from the activists).
That does not give him the right to destroy it.

Many times in recent years I have put to the back of my mind matters that left a nasty taste, as the party was progressing and I stayed silent in the interests of unity.

In recent months Nick Griffin has become a drag on our electoral prospects as evidenced by poor election results and falling membership.

So he should go. He is not bringing in the voters.

You say you will go if he is defeated.
Many will go if he wins and the party will spiral into insignificance.

Griffin is not the party and he is a divisive influence.

For the sake of nationalism he must go.

You follow him if you want.I will not waste my time on a project that seems to put nationalism secondary to family interests.