Monday, 25 July 2011


So the result of the leadership election and Nick Griffin has won by 9 votes.

So near and yet so far.

I must say I had not expected Andrew Brons to have managed to get so close to overturning the present dictatorship and neither I think did Nick Griffin.

However we must respect the democratic will of members however much it pains us.
The tragedy is that many, possibly hundreds of our best nationalists have given up on the party and their absence from our electorate has gifted Griffin this win.

THE QUALITY HAS LEFT THE PARTY, and it will not survive without them.

It means that the majority of nationalists in and out of the party would prefer a new leader and the fact that Griffin has won (this time fairly) means that our patriotic party remains split and impotent.

We still need find a way to unite and put away past differences if we are to get anywhere and the result means that outcome unlikely.

So what do we do? I don't really know.
I do know both sides are stubbornly intransigent and will not accept the other.

Will Nick Griffin accept that the majority of nationalists are against him? I doubt it.
Will those good people expelled rejoin if allowed under Griffin? No.

What is needed is for people's heads to be banged together to make them realise the cause is more important than any clique or person.

Possibly, just possibly sense will prevail, but I do not hold out much hope.

I can only wait for others ideas on what to do and pray for an answer.


Dr Chris Hill said...

Only 9 votes!
Is Griffin is losing his talent for skulduggery.

Anyway he now has 4 years to find it again, and also 4 more years to fleece new members.

It was obviously a very good try though! Well Done Andrew Brons.

han solo said...

the thing is it was democratic and probably most people thought as i did there was a smear campaign going on against nick griffin emails here there and everywhere but not much about what either could do for the party no videos of andrew brons just hatemail i will always be a nationalist but for the chldish bickerings and so forth i shall not be renewing my membership

Leigh, Lancashire Nationalist said...

A valiant effort by Andrews Brons MEP indeed. Unfortunately, the cuts and divisions are a little too deep this time to heal and draw together the conflict between the two camps and their supporters.
And ultimatley the death knell rings for what remains of this ravaged political party.

Dr Chris Hill said...

Han solo said:

"........but for the chldish bickerings........"

I say:
Trying to remove a corrupt dictator can in no way justifiably described as bickering. Watching the events from outside of the party, it was clear that many members who had come to realised exactly what Griffin was doing to their once booming party were making a last valiant attempt to save it.

My own regret is that these people didn't get behind the VofC movement 3 years earlier. Because Griffin's madness was very clear, at least to anyone who cared to see, even then.

My advice now is: "move on".

Lanky Patriot said...

Chris, if people had stuck with it, just 10 people more we would have had a new leader and hierarchy.

Sometimes it is better to stay on the ship and bail out rather than running for the lifeboats and be left adrift mid ocean as you have.

You, instead of carping could have helped to save the ship.

Dr Chris Hill said...

Charles, I think you're missing the point. The BNP has been constantly run on to rock for the last 3 years, and long ago was unsavable.

Debts of around £700K, court cases still outstanding, a corrupt MEP (NG)asking others (see AB blog) to fiddle their expense claims. Then there's the party's accounts, which the auditors have refused to pass as genuine, for 3 out of the last 4 years.

I'm sorry Charles, Andrew Brons is obviously a very honest man, and his campaign was well run. But I'm afraid the ship was lost well before this election ever got started. The party's highest officers are convicted crooks (and I not just referring to CJ) and conmen.

No, if anything I stayed much too long, because Griffin effectively started turning the BNP into his own personal fan club at the EGM in August 2008. A meeting I was refused entry to because of my violent behaviour at the 2007 RWB. Or that was at least the reason Griffin's goons gave at the time. My letter of complaint, about that incident, to the then NW organiser (NG) went totally unacknowledged.

Good members must now leave Griffin to run his fanclub, and move on.

the doctor said...

Since the days of the N.F. and through the days of the B.N.P. I have looked at some of the membership and leadership and thought can I become involved with these organisations . Regrettably the image of British/English Nationalism is so tarnished that many people who would love to see a successful nationalist party stay away .
Why is it that if the Scots , Welch and Irish can have successful nationalist parties , the English fail so miserably e.g.the English Democrats .
If , as you say , nearly 50% of the membership are disaffected now is the time to consider a new party ( the English Freedom Party name seems available ) . So who is up for it .