Tuesday, 26 July 2011


With the disappointment of yesterday's result and having had time to reflect, all people who backed Brons must be wondering "what now?"

I see Griffin says he had before the election, promised to offer the hand of friendship to those who opposed him, expecting an easy win instead of just scraping in.

He says those who remain disaffected and trouble causers will be cast aside as there is much work to be done.
Does that mean anyone who questions his already failed tactics will be expelled? If so he is reminiscent of a modern day Stalin who does not tolerate different opinions.

He talks of building power. That is the trouble. We have under his leadership lost power and influence as has been written about in the national press.

He is campaigning for a referendum on EU membership. Most people want that so how are we different?
"Bring our boys Home". Most people are against foreign wars so that campaign does not differentiate us. BTW when are the next 10,000 petitions to be handed in which were too bulky to carry at the last publicised meeting?

No I do not think he is offering the hand of friendship. He is resuming his role as a dictator especially when he threatens doubters with exclusion.

He is an intelligent man and must realise his most effective and intelligent comrades have deserted him, thus his sabre rattling.

For all his talk he is a wounded beast.

Today I have heard of many in our group who are throwing the towel in and leaving the party or at least activism and I am sure this will be replicated across the country.

To quote "a week in politics is a long time" and I would concur with John Bean (a true nationalist if ever there was one) who advises members in a letter to "BNP Ideas" to give it another three months before making any decision.
There are many problems facing the present leadership and we don't as yet know the outcome.

I shall continue my blog, criticising or praising as I see fit as is my democratic right.
I SHALL ALWAYS REMAIN A NATIONALIST who is in it for my country, to give to the cause, not to take.
If by my independence I cause sanctions to be instigated against me I shall continue with my blog to snap at the heels of those who in my opinion are letting our cause down by incompetence or financial chicanery as I am sure will others.

I had hoped for a more emollient piece from our leader and a sign that he really wanted unity.

Reading his first article it seems he has not learned the lesson of his near defeat, and he risks losing a large part of the now reduced membership over which he has presided.

FOR THE SAKE OF THE PARTY AND THE NATIONALIST CAUSE, he must be more accomodating and realise that the election has shown that--


MARTIN said...

Join Ukip, with your mate Chris Hill,
who is infatuated with the traitor Sadie Graham.


You DO NOT, speak for Wigan members, or BNP supporters. In the Leigh and Wigan area, this is just your own opinion, go, NOT ONE activist, is bigger than the The BNP, be Brons or Griffin at the helm.

Nick Griffin has offered the hand of friendship, to all Nationalists, but still you preach vile lies against the Chairmen, go, be done, set up your English Whatever ?

Stop, your divide, duplicity and poison against people who wish to be in the BNP, and have Nick Griffin, as our Chairman.

Lanky Patriot said...

I have never said I was the voice of the Wigan group, nor am I a mate of Chris Hill.

This is my blog and I will continue to express my opinions just as the official website expresses the views of Nick Griffin and not necessarily all members.

However I am sure I am in contact with more BNP members across Wigan & Leigh and the country than you and all have so far agreed with my sentiments.

Nick Griffin has not offered the hand of friendship but a veiled threat and I and many others know him well enough not to be taken in again.

People ARE ringing up saying they are leaving and I try to dissuade them.
Also when did I say I supported Sadie Graham or UKIP?

I am just as much a nationalist as you are and can not stay silent when our party is destroyed by incompetence.

Are you suggesting Arthur Kemp, John Bean, The Wingfields, Sharon Wilkinson, Dave Shapcott and many more should join UKIP?

You by your arrogance typify what is wrong with the party. Agree and obey or leave.

I believe in Nationalism too much to take your "advice".

Dr Chris Hill said...

LankyPatriot said:

"......that the election has shown that--

I say:
Read the party's constitution. Since the EGM in Aug 2008 Griffin has changed it so much that, effectively now, Griffin is the BNP.

If you stay with the BNP, could you honestly tell a voter, while standing on his/her doorstep, that Nick Griffin is a suitable person to sit in either the UK parliament?

As for Dave Shapcott he was the Griffin goon who, at that Aug 2008 EGM, looked me in the eyes and accused me of violent conduct at the 2007 RWB. An accusation (made in front of a police officer) that he knew was totally untrue, made purely to prevent me speaking and voting against Nick Griffin.