Tuesday, 24 May 2011

Urgent Action in Blackpool Saturday 28th May

Hi all,

Urgent Action in Blackpool Saturday 28th May

A short orderly march is being planned in Blackpool for this Saturday with an early start and finish, to lay a wreath outside the kebab shop at the centre of the grooming and murder of young white girls.

We are meeting, in Blackpool, at 9am and will be away by 11am, before the EDL arrive.

After we have laid the wreath, we will also be handing out leaflets;

'Our Children Are NOT Halal Meat'

The RV point, for members to meet up, will be given out on Friday, as I won't have it before then. Please make a note of my number, for assistance. 07855 167009.

If you can be there to help us, please contact me, Adam Walker, or Chris Vanns, as soon as possible.

This will be a very respectful and solemn occasion, to pay our respects to a young girl that has been murdered. Please be smartly dressed, as if you were attending the Cenotaph.

We will be gone before any rowdyness begins.

We look forward to seeing you this Saturday.


Mike Whitby


Anonymous said...

Back in the early 2000s, Nick Griffin was the first Political figure to speak about the problems of gangs of Asian men grooming children throughout Britain.

Mr Griffin was arrested in 2004 after comments he made about the Muslim paedophile groom gangs scandal were broadcast on the BBC documentary, The Secret Agent.

The British National Party leader was charged with “using words or behaviour intended or likely to stir up racial hatred” for pointing out what the Times recently has repeated and now presented as an “exclusive” story.

Anonymous said...

If the BNP want action they should do it on their own platform and in their own name, and not sneak in and out of the EDL's.
If this action has BNP on it, the EDL will be pissed off and bin the wreath, and rightly so.

Silly Kuffar said...

Only the EDL have a right to fight for us and our country ?

We've been fighting Islam and the Traitors a damn sight longer than the EDL.

The British National Party has been at the front of trying to bring the sexual grooming of underage Indigenous Female girls into the public for years.
We don't need anyone approval.
But I have no problem with what the EDL do in their way.

Anonymous said...

Nick Griffin, BNP, told of this over ten years ago, gangs of Asian men grooming children throughout Britain.

Read the post in full, why such aggression against the BNP ?

The enemy sits back, and smirks, whilst, Patriots, stand divided,be
they going under UKIP, EDL, English Party etc, etc.

We all bascily desire to save our Country, from becoming a Muslum state, flying the Black Flag.

Our, Culture, Freedoms and way of life is doomed, unless, we stop petty, selfish, point scoring and selfish bitching.

Time, is not on our side, simple as !

Leigh, Lancashire Nationalist said...

What an absolutely ridiculous comment from Mr EDL!

I didn't see anyone from the EDL stood outside Leeds Crown Court with me when defending the "truth is no defence" case against NG & MC for speaking out about Asian gangs grooming young and vunerable white girls in Yorkshire, nor out leafletting after the deaths and the racist murders of Gavin Hopley (Rochdale), Kriss Donald (Glasgow)and Keith Brown (Stoke) amongst many, many others that we've brought to the publics attention.

So, if anyone's sneaking in then it's the EDL I'm afraid!

But, instead of any animosity and petty threats. I will wish the EDL street protests well for Saturday and for the future.

Anonymous said...

"What an absolutely ridiculous comment from Mr EDL!"

The usual response.
Are you sure I'm not working for Searchlight? A mole? A state agent? Or some other guff?

The BNP has the Labour25 thing. It should follow through with that, demonstrating outside town halls and the homes of the paedos, not sneak in behind the back of the EDL for some cheap shot publicity or because "we did it first" whine based on jealousy because the EDL are actually doing something and getting the publicity and public support.

Better still, the BNP should have taken up with Establishment Paedophiles, using the Labour25 issue as a lead-in to full frontal attack on the whole establishent.
But again, the BNP latched onto someone elses initiative in Blackpool while neglecting to follow through with its own chosen tack.
All of which is indicative of short-sighted thinking and the mess the BNP is in.

Now, Leigh, apart from the fact that you isult me and the EDL with your childish "Mr EDL" remark, you are also atypically presumptive and boringly reactionary.
As it happens I, among others, am A BNP supporter who just happens to have an objective viewpoint and the capacity to think ahead. A quality sadly lacking among the current crop of BNP "leaders".

Anonymous said...

Well ok, Leigh et al, I know the BNP were in on it first, and if they can get in and lay a wreath say, to 'ALL victims of state approved paedophiles', or some such, then fine, but anything with BNP on it may been viewed as opportunist and antagonise the EDL, who may feel the need to disassociate themselves.
On the other hand, I hope it goes well, despite my reservations.

Leigh, Lancashire Nationalist said...

I used the "Mr EDL" as other's had already posted under the "Anonymous" and I wanted to ensure you knew I was replying to your comment.

I apologise if you thought I was being antagonistic or other - that was not my intention, but if anyone's being presumptive and reactionary? Then I think it's maybe you.

I have quite a few friends who go along to the EDL protests (and I've been invited along on numerous occasion which I have up until now declined) so, I'm certainly not having a pop at you or any others involved. Just stating a fact that I was aware of the potential threat and for the future of this nations a long, long time ago.

As I said earlier good luck for Saturday and for the future.

Anonymous said...

I too apologise. I should have posted a better worded reply.

This may be of interest:-

Paedo Files - Joining the dots ...........

Anonymous said...

the thing is every bit helps. it is time the BNP went out in front and stayed the disstance. this is not about bnp or edl it is about justice for a murdered child and the family. yes every one should be involved.I cannot attend . due to personal problems with liverpool bnp ,although i did attend several weeks ago and made it known i was bnp the edl except for a silly little girl from liverpool where grateful for the support.. T

Anonymous said...

Unity of purpose is vital.
At the moment, for good reason, the EDL distances itself from the BNP and vice versa.