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We are definitely not alone ... whether they like us or not (and they don't)
The Farce Continues
Geert Wilders as Galileo

Geert Wilders took a bit of a vacation earlier this month, visiting Canada and Tennessee. Now everything has returned to normal, and he’s back in the dock in the Netherlands.

The Amsterdam court that is trying Mr. Wilders is engaged in a surgical operation for political purposes under the mandate of the Dutch ruling class. Its task is to excise the PVV leader from the Dutch body politic and restore the multicultural state to its previous dominance.

If there were ever any doubt that this is a kangaroo court, and that the verdict was determined well in advance, the following brief article would lay it to rest. Many thanks to our Dutch correspondent H. Numan for this translation from De Telegraaf:

Court: Wilders trial continues

AMSTERDAM - the court of Amsterdam decided on Monday the trial against PVV leader Geert Wilders will continue. At the beginning of this month, Wilders’ lawyer Bram Moszkowicz stated his client isn’t getting a fair trial and the case must be declared inadmissible by the prosecution.

The unfair trial was caused by amongst others Tom Schalken, councillor of the court, and in that position responsible for issuing the order for the prosecution to continue the trial against Wilders. The politician is on trial for sowing hatred and discrimination and insulting a group.

The order to continue the trial is according to Moszkowicz a conviction. Also, Schalken had tried to influence the expert-witness Hans Jansen, Arabist. Other influential magistrates had influenced the trial, by publicly voicing their own personal opinions.

The court rejected the arguments of the lawyer.



Silly Kuffar said...

Whatever happens Wilders has won, even if they find him guilty.
How could he not be on a winner with this as he is being invited to speak to politicians all over the western world in regards to his views on Islam.
And is it a crime that he has insulted someone ?

I'm going to do a post in regards to the "NEWS".
It will contain real news as opposed to which footballer is trying to hide who he knocing off from becoming public.
Oh and the Iceland Volcano.
How strange it started again around the same time of year as last time.
But I'll mention some real news when I get to it.

Sir Henry Morgan said...

And if they jail him ... BINGO! We've got on our side a European Prime Minister who's opposed to Islam... And not too keen on much of the EU's doings either

Sir Henry Morgan said...

And as for the volcano ... they'll find a way to blame it on global warming, when in fact Iceland has been having volcanoes ever since it volcanoed itself out of the sea... part of the Atlantic volcanic ridge.