Tuesday, 3 May 2011


I am sure that all normal human beings in the world will delight at the killing of Osama Bin Laden a man who has been responsible for thousands of deaths.

Of course he has many followers who will be bent on revenge but they were attempting to kill us before and hence the need to cut the head off this snake.

I wonder if our government will make contact wwith "communities" of muslims in Britain to reassure them. I expect they will.

The burial at sea was in my opinion an opportunity thrown away to show our contempt for this animal and his faith just as he has shown his contempt for our civilised values by beheading captives and putting the films on line.
He should have been fed to pigs or at least smeared with pig fat before disposal and the process videoed.

Would there be reprisals? Yes probably but these could be dealt with sternly and with the maximum use of pigs

That they wouldn't like it is the point and it is time our leaders realised that WE ARE AT WAR WITH THIS EVIL CULT AND WE MUST FIGHT TO WIN,as any sign of compromise on our part will be taken as a sign of weakness by them.

Bin Laden bragged that he loved death as we love life although his actions at the end contradict this. In other words he was a hypocrite as well.



Andyj said...

Sorry but he was dead quite a few years ago :( From his kidneys.

The photo you can find is a piss poor photoshop jobbie. They have immediately withdrawn it as soon as the death mask part of the head was revealed to be a man killed in 2009.

Ladens beard was identical in the photographs as the commonly held piccy from 15 years ago.

His last video had his beard silver on the sides. Grey under chin and darker down from the moustache. And that was in 2004!

Lomra Greener said...

I don't agree, I'm quite fond of pork and I don't want the food chain contaminating.

He should have been taken alive, but in secret, then sewn up into the skin of a pig and left to rot. No food, no water. I'm not usually a vicious bugger, but in this case I'll make an exception.

Andyj said...

There's plenty more evil muslims to choose from.

Laden was supposedly given his concrete boots by the big mafia so there will be no shrine? I'm sorry, another lie. Are there any shrines, locations of, even pictures, photo's, descriptions for any of their hero's and deity's through history? No! It's against Koranic teachings.

This sea burial trick is part of the plan. No come back for proof. People conveniently forget the leaders of the USA killed little girls with remote weapons and this pre-planned "hit" was all about burying the bad news.

Muslims are not adverse only to pigs. Any animal that eats meat or scrounges for its food like omnivores, carries "dirty blood".

That is why they murder animals in their particular way and don't keep dogs etc..

Anonymous said...

Lanky and Lomra,
well said !!

Can I just wish,

Tony Farrell, Ince Ward,

Martin Grainey, Leigh West,

Dennis Shambley, Abram Ward,

GOOD LUCK FOR MAY 5th, from all British National Supporters in Wigan and Leigh area.