Saturday, 30 April 2011

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Anonymous said...

If it is true I cannot believe we have just gone and murdered the 29-year-old son and three grandchildren of the leader of Libya. So Obama, recently awarded the Nobel Peace Prize, seems to think it acceptable to assassinate those people he doesn't like and their families, especially if they are Arabs, in the interests of world stability.

What an absolutely disgusting state of affairs but let us see which of all of those British politicians, who delight in denouncing the BNP as fascist, racist and Islamophobic, is actually prepared to speak out against this.

This is off Simon Darbys Blog, a True Patriot, slandered and vilified by Searchlight and UAF, blogs.

The internet, is good in some ways, but in other ways,
causes lies, misinformation, and trouble. Me, personally, look into the eyes of a person, I am talking to, Nick Griffin, looks you straight into your eyes.

Eddy Butler looks, anywhere else.

Just my humble opinion.

Eddy Butler
is a sly snake.

Anonymous said...

Could you post a report on the progress of the local elections campaign in Wigan. And can I ask is Charles standing this year?
Good luck Wigan BNP.

Anonymous said...

From one anonymous to another.
No1 can you get your facts straight,I thought that the actions taking place in Gaddafty land were sanctioned by the UN and not NATO.
All the Arab nations agreed with this,the exceptions were Russia,China,India and Germany.
The USA had only one vote on this issue may I remind you.
Based on this vote NATO was tasked to stop Gadaffty killing his own people men,women and kids.
As you probably know after the initial NATO attacks on Gaddafty's army of killers the USA handed over control of this to NATO European.
Your point on Barry Obama seeming to think that it is ok to asassinate Gadaffties son and these so far not seen bodies of three grandchildren,is inane to say the least.
The people that authorised this strike on this house based on hearing military communications coming from this house were Europeans who then decided it was a legitimate target.
Whoever you are I would suggest to you the old adage,get your brain in gear before you open your gob.
Finally your last ramble about the BNP proves only one thing to me and it is this,your party is at a crossroads as to which way it goes Griffin or ANOTHER.
When you get absolutely stalwarts of the party against the leadership something is going wrong.
Maybe you should concentrate your inane ramblings more on that.
Hope to hear from you soon and I will take you on your perceptions of what is what.