Wednesday, 11 May 2011


Go on, admit it - you'd forgotten about him hadn't you. So why wasn't his gene line immediately terminated? Who would have noticed the difference, apart from him that is? And who cares about his opinion?

(CBS/AP) BRUSSELS - The former wife and convicted accomplice of a Belgian pedophile murderer is expected to be released from prison early, since the prosecutor's office did not lodge an appeal against the move.

Michel Martin was sentenced to 30 years behind bars for her role in the death of two 8-year-old girls held by her then-husband Marc Dutroux in the mid-1990s.

Under Belgian law, Martin could be released within weeks after serving 15 years of her sentence, and as a condition of parole, will move to a convent in France, said the prosecutor general of the southern city of Mons, Brussels.

The parents of the victims protested the plans that Martin could be freed early.

Dutroux, meanwhile, is serving a life term for abducting, imprisoning and raping six girls. He was found guilty of murdering two girls and allowing two others in his custody to starve to death.

Hell ... we could even make it SOUND a bit PCish - "Sentenced to termination of gene line"... bit like they don't use the word 'abortion' these days, preferring 'termination'. So if it's ok to 'terminate' an unborn baby, it should be ok for a nonce and kiddie-murderer too.

I do concede that 'execute' is a very ugly word ... maybe that's all we need for it to satisfy PC rules: a new word for it. PC is mostly about words. Seems the PTB (Powers That Be) already like 'terminate' better than 'abortion' - so give it a go; maybe the PTB find it a prettier word than 'execute', and we can all get back to doing what sometimes just has to be done?

'Termination of gene line' needn't even refer to a human. It does sound better than ' Take him around the back and kill him'.


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Andyj said...

I'm dead against termination.
I suggest using his body parts for needy people until he ceases to function.

How pc is that? Ceases to function. Perfect!

If those Albanians who follow the cult of the dead paedophile can do it to the Serbians without diplomatic issues then it must be EU law already!