Monday, 9 May 2011


I would like to thank those who commented on my last blog, but feel it better to reply to the many valid points on another blog rather than through the answers faciility.

All the commentators are obviously true nationalists and have the cause at heart but have different opinions as to how our cause can be advanced.

To be honest I am not sure how, but I know there is a great hunger for a party which puts the interests of the British people first unlike the other main parties.

A major problem we have at present is the public's perception of our party and especially Nick Griffin.
As I stated in my previous blog I have every respect for his intellect and work to further our cause but we have to accept the fact that especially after his performance on Question Time and other gaffes he has become toxic to our cause.

I know he was under immense pressure at Question time and did land some punches but as a proffessional he should have anticipated the questions and any competent politician could have got out of them. Even I could have answered them and I am no politician.

There are things you do not say even if you agree with them.
There are things I have not said myself both as a BNP member and a Labour councillor which I knew would be political suicide.

How do I know?

People on the doorstep have told me so.
Whether we agree with them or not these are the people with whom we must connect and motivate to vote for us. However good our leader is if he puts people off voting for us he should be replaced and must be if we are to progress.

Secondly as one commentator said there is no efficient structure to inform members and supporters what is going on (nor indeed openness about financial matters).
This does not help to motivate people to join or contribute.

Thirdly, I know UKIP did badly but they are one trick party and irrelevent to local politics.
We have many economic policies which would help hard pressed citizens and which are relevent to local elections, but they were not pushed.

We should stress the economic arguments which resonate with people and all else will fall into place. Everybody knows our opinions about immigration and Muslim terrorism so why mention them. Concentrate on people's pockets and the taxes they must pay and the benefits they lose.

UKIP is Farage and in spite of his multiple appearances in the media it scores badly at local elections. Who else is in UKIP? Not many know.
That gives the lie that a well known leader with the gift of the gab will sway local voters.

Fourthly, I have been involved in the Party for nearly nine years and have seen its weaknesses in structure, finances and personnel and have pleaded for these to be rectified to no avail.
I have put in money to help our progress but my efforts have been ignored, not out of malice but inefficiency.

We are up against parties, well funded often by foreign interests and the media and thus have to be super efficient and squeaky clean. Thus anyone with any baggage which could hinder our cause has to be sidelined from public view or they will be set upon by the media.

I have not advocated any person as a new leader. I just believe we need a new one backed up by an efficient and lean administration which responds quickly to enquiries, pays its bills and is stable so that people know who to contact.

Last years leadership elections were not by any stretch democratic (although I voted for Nick Griffin), but now I think we need an open and fair contest this time to elect a new leader with campaigning by the candidates across the country as Nick Griffin has an inbuilt advantage, being well known.

I accept this year's local elections may not be a true reflection of our appeal given the rivalry between the main parties but we could and should have done better.

I look at this from the perspective of a former organiser who has tried to keep people's spirits and motivation up following the Euro elections when it seemed possible we would make a historic breakthrough but in spite of my best efforts after last year's elections enthusiasm waned.

Generally, some have left and some have joined other parties (mistakenly in my view)but the end result has been fraction and dilution of the nationalist cause.
This I deeply regret and my association with "reformists" does not mean I agree with all they say,or even like them all, just that something must be done to heal our wounds.

I have resigned from the post of local organiser but still want to play a part in our cause and if I can do ANYTHING to help heal our wounds and join together the various splinter groups which have emerged I will do so.

We must let by gones be by gones, cease recrimiations and reunite and pull together for the sake of our cause and country.


We don't have to like everybody (it helps if we do) but WE MUST UNITE, or the outlook for our country and children is indeed bleak.


Anonymous said...

A good post with many salient points but IMHO why do a majority of people shy away from voting BNP.
As a BNP supporter of many years,I have often asked myself is this party carrying too much baggage historically to gain much support bearing in mind that the NUJ practically forbids it's members to report anything favourable about the BNP.
Nick Griffin's presence at QT is an irrelevance it was rigged by the Biased Broadcasting Corporation and we all know that.
The MSM absolutely love the the utterances of the BNP regarding Britain being taken over by foreigners it is grist to their mill.
To me it doesn't matter if you elect a new leader this party will not achieve a gnatt's chuff if you dont move into a party format that reflects the aspirations of the British people.
Yes the majority of the British want an end to uncontrolled taxpayer funded entry to our country.
How do we sell this to the British public,and it is what you say concentrate on the ordinary issues of peoples concerns the immigrants issue is only one of many issues facing this country.
IMHO unless the BNP reforms itself into whatever kind of party untainted by history,it will do absolutely nothing,there is too much baggage that the MSM exploit for fun.
Finally your heart is in the right place a true believer in our cultural values and I for one commend you for this.
THink of this Softly Softly catchee monkey.

Leigh, Lancashire Nationalist said...

Good post Lanky...and some great points from Anonymous although
I disagree that Nick Griffin's appearance on Question Time is/was an irrelevance? For months after the show I defended the Chairman’s performance but, just how far down the line can you continue to state the bleeding obvious that it was a BBC hatchet job? Nick Griffin has been in this game for a long, long time and if you haven’t yet mastered the art on how to deal with being in front of a hostile left wing audience and facing the ludicrous, hysterical barrage of silly questions from a panel of C Listed “celebrity’s” and third rate politicians then there is something that is in a desperate need of change.

I have lost a good number of friends ‘politically’ who since this show have not been along to a single meeting nor have they donated a penny to the cause and that is a damn, damn shame.

I have been along this path with Lanky for most of the duration and I don’t want to see all the time, the effort and monies having gone to waste! We as a group in Wigan & Leigh have come a long, long way over the years and it will be an absolute travesty to let it crumble now and throw away all that hard work due to the selfish acts of just a few individuals in the higher echelons of the BNP Ivory Tower!

We need to sit down together once again and look at the best way forward.....

Agent Smith. said...

I have personally donated many thousands of pounds.

I am withholding all support until I see how this all pans out.

Just what the f*** is going on here?

Nick, I hope you read this. I emailed you about the furore in Wales some months ago.

Why no reply?

Are you a place-man and it's 'job done'?

Anonymous said...

To Leigh lancashire Nationalist.Firstly thanks for the points I raised.
Nick Griffin's appearance on QT was an orchestrated Biased Broadcasting Corporation's deliberate propaganda exercise to discredit the BNP and it's leader.
Griffin's appearance played nicely into their hands.
Why in God's name did Griffin as an astute kind of guy decide for personal ego reasons to go onto this kind of biased Liebour and I'll leave it as Liebour biased punch and judy show.
IMHO he should have avoided this car crash like the plague,he must of known what the result would be,but do personal ego's come into play here,in my opinion yes they do and this is sad.
How now will the BNP connect with the patriots of this land.
Well that is a difficult question to answer,we now see a BNP party which is at odds with itself,all I'll say is for Christ sake get your act together for the sake of our country

Anonymous said...

I have much sympathy with your comments. We have also to keep in mind that ethno-nationalism (which I would continue to adhere to) is contrary to prevailing social attitudes ( which of course are prevalent due to the insiduous marxist plan to undermine our national identity). Put simply, the average person just doesn't 'get it' because of the indoctrination that 'we are all the same' etc. We cannot shy away from this if our cause is to progresss, but need to deliver our dissenting views more deftly in a way which all social classes understand and relate to. The support from the 'educated' middle classes is what is needed but, of course, currently they often have a blinkered and and often vested interest in fashionable liberal/leftism. This is a huge challenge. It hurts me to say it, but the bedrock of our support electorally and among members is marginalised, inarticulate and poor.

I agree, with you about Nick's QT performance. I felt that his undoing was that he believed that by being laid back he would undo much of the negative spin on him. However, this meant that he refrained from throwing his punches and defending himself more robustly - and like you, I feel I could have stated his case and that of British nationalism, rebutted the vitriol and oft repeated attacks on himself and the party better than he did on that occasion. This was a tactical miscalculation on his part, as I feel certain that there was a vast section of the patriotically inclined public who wanted him to wade into the fray and speak out their anger and frustration on their behalf and would have respected him for it. He should have called the likes of 'the English are not worth saving' Jack Straw exactly what he is - and the public would have loved him for it even if the lefty/liberal QT audience would have not.

However, we must move on. I know that above all we must work together in a spirit of comradeship as has been stated by Leigh Nationalist. We are letting each other and ultimately our nation down if we lose our nerve. We would be doing the Devis' work for them if we abandone ship in splintered factions. Better to return to port for a while, have a bit of a re-fit rather than take her to the breakers yard! With a new lick of paint and a more reliable compass we will again sail the high seas! ( sorry for this analogy -it just came out like that!)

Anonymous said...

I attended, the RED WHITE AND BLUE,
2008, WITH St, Helens, Liverpool, Bolton, etc all united for the cause, all supporting Nick Griffin.

At the closure, on the Sunday, there was a overthrow the leader debate, led by persons from Preston,

( Chris Hill, ) and his ilk,

Nick G, sat next to me,in the big white tent, asking my opinion, was he right, what did I think........I had a half hour genuine chat.


He said he will step down in 2013,


Anonymous said...

""owever, we must move on. I know that above all we must work together in a spirit of comradeship as has been stated by Leigh Nationalist. We are letting each other and ultimately our nation down if we lose our nerve. We would be doing the Devis' work for them if we abandone ship in splintered factions. Better to return to port for a while, have a bit of a re-fit rather than take her to the breakers yard! With a new lick of paint and a more reliable compass we will again sail the high seas! ( sorry for this analogy -it just came out like that!)

well said !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Leigh, Lancashire Nationalist said...

I have taken the below comment from a reply left on Eddy Butlers blog following an entry by Eddy on the recent Election results:

Were you suprised by the election results? I wasn't. My only surprise was that some other people do seem to be surprised.

The night Question Time was screened, I was surprised and deflated to say the least. I knew a chance had come and gone and that chance would probably never come again. I sympathised with Griffin as it must have been a moment he'd waited for all his life and will probably never forgive himself for flunking. We are all human.

I thought it was probably over for the BNP back then, but continued to assist as often as possible with leafleting and canvassing for the B & D campaign, (and one other effort) hoping that a breakthrough might still be possible. I was also encouraged by optimistic statements from the leadership and apparent 'street level' support. When the B & D result came through I knew for certain that was the end of the BNP's electoral breakthroughs.

For the first time in 25 years the BNP had come up over the top of the trench only to be slaughtered as a consequence of the ease with which the establishment was able to exploit and draw attention to the image of our party in the minds of the public which is an image built on the foundations, (or should I say ruins) of the National Front.

Big established parties can change their image. The Tories become liberals and Labour becomes Tories. The electorate generally keep voting for them regardless as they are voting for the image embedded in their minds over a period of years.

As a small party with minimal control over our media presentation, the BNP does not have this luxury. We are stuck with the image we had at the start, an image which is an extension built on the ruins of the NF and kept alive by our insistance on explicitly stating ideological prinicipals in for example our constitution and our enemies' ability to exploit our presentation at every opportunity.

Well done to all those who did get elected and the activists involved despite all this.


Anonymous said...

I refer to British Ladies Post and it is this.
If the BNP goes along it's present track of being tied to it's past historical beginnings as being born of the National Front party it will fail.
Whilst I know her heart is in the right place I also can see which way the wind is blowing.
The BNP as of now given the MSM reporting and the origins of the party are having a field day.
The party needs to take a long hard look at itself to correct what is going wrong.
My opinion for starters is get rid of the BNP banner it has too many associations with Mosely.
Think of a party title that would gel with the british public,don't know what it might be but you really really need to get away from BNP origins.
So to all of you supporters lets have your views,just how do we take this party forward without any stigma being attached to it.

Anonymous said...

I would like to add that I don't doubt that you have heard many negative comments from voters about Nick Griffin and this should indeed be given nuch consideration. However, we must also stop to think how these attitudes towards Nick Griffin from the public have been very much moulded by the media campaign against the BNP - The Daily Express's headline the morning after Question Time will always stick in my mind; 'A Disgrace To Humanity' it said of Griffin no less -I don't think they even said that about Bin Laden! We must be careful on this because realistically, the media would have said that about ANY leader of the BNP - past, present and future whether they have 'baggage' or not.

Andyj said...

I thought NG did quite well in QT. EVERYONE at work, including all the hard lefties were utterly shocked he was lead into a setup; a snake pit.

I was triumphant in saying "I told you so. Now you know there IS state propaganda against us and now you know they will go to any lengths to kill off the BNP. Even murder.". If they doubted that statement they fell into the trap where I could drop the recent news of the hammer attack and what the attempted murderer got away with, plus what the police were up to on that night after threatening a trader with his licences.

Create dismay to the Labour voters. Make them realise Labours leaders backed Hitler before WW2. Straws dad spent his time in prison. (Hitler lovin' Fabian).

Nobody I knew thought NG made a poor show of himself. Only the likes of Eddie Butler who seems to blame NG because he thinks NG should of known the format was going to be altered before his appearance.

I do agree party responsibilities and skill sets should rotate and members should be able to vote out certain members of the hierarchy if they do not perform.
Our weakness: The easy way to kill a chicken is to cut off its head.
We need to be a hydra. The Mafia and IRA operate on a 'cell' format. They cannot be killed off.

IMO Butler has singularly done more to disseminate party unity than anyone I know outside the leadership. He trades in dismay. The media will not harm him while he does the job of the enemy.
Realise this. He is no friend of the BNP. If he gets anywhere, I'm outa here. If NG doesn't get the party sorted? I'm outa here.

Leigh, Lancashire Nationalist said...

Andyj - I too thought NG did quite well under the circumstances on QT and as I'd earlier stated, I defended the Chairman for months after - until I gave up trying to put the spin on his poorer parts of the performance to our border line supporters/members who unfortunately just walked away(and these good people were in far greater numbers than us mere "dedicated" BNP stalwart activists)and they will continue to stay absent until change with/in the party is afoot.

Dr Chris Hill said...

Dear BritishLady (03:46 hrs 11th May)

You said:
"..........At the closure, on the Sunday, there was a overthrow the leader debate, led by persons from Preston, ( Chris Hill, ) and his ilk,..."

I say:
I was not allowed to attend that meeting, despite being a fully paid up member of 10 years standing at the time. Griffin's henchmen stopped me at the gates and would not allow me into the meeting. The reason given was that I had been guilty of violent behaviour at the 2007 RWB, total nonsense and an event I hadn't in fact attended.

Griffin has personality problems beyond the dreams of most psychiatrists, he will never allow the BNP to develop in case he losses control of it. Griffin is, quite simply, a power mad dictator & conman.

Chris Hill

Dr Chris Hill said...

Dear BritishLady:

You said:
".......on the Sunday, there was a overthrow the leader debate, led by persons from Preston,(Chris Hill) and his ilk,..........."

I say:
I was not allowed to attend that EGM, despite being a member in good standing for 10 years. I was stopped at the gates by Griffin's henchmen and was told I was barred because of my of my violent behaviour at the 2007 RWB. A totally ridiculous accusation, even more so given that I hadn't even attended that event.

Chris Hill

Nick Griffin runs a fan club, not a political party.

Anonymous said...

Dr Chris Hill.----- you state---

" I was not allowed to attend that EGM, despite being a member in good standing for 10 years. I was stopped at the gates by Griffin's henchmen and was told I was barred because of my of my violent behaviour at the 2007 RWB. A totally ridiculous accusation, even more so given that I hadn't even attended that event."

My reply, your crew from Preston, approx 5 members, were in the main tent, when the leadership debate was held.

Nick Griffin, was sat next to me, chatting to me, as I was a new Member, for half an hour, I witnessed, this debate.

I heard their " Agenda " ( the Preston Crew ), as clear as a bell ! You may not have been allowed entry to the site, but your
fellow comrades, were certainly in attendance.

Hope you find peace, with UKIP, they deserve your ilk !

Best Wishes, for your potential Political career......