Sunday, 3 April 2011

Multiculturalists could learn a lot from Ivory Coast

Multiculturalists could learn a lot from Ivory Coast

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Anonymous said...

In this country multiculturism is a failed experiment and we are seeing the results of this continually.
This country by it's very nature has for generations been populated essentially by various white races.
We have had Celtic/Roman/Anglo Saxon/Normans/Germanic etc etc.
Now due to governments of all persuasions we have a complete mish mash of cultural identities which are totally alien to our values and culture.
We are now being told for instance from a high ranking judge and cleric that sharia law would be acceptable to our cultural and religious values.
I say NO IT WOULD NOT,do we really want to stone women who have committed what we would consider possibly a misdemeaner and a punishment but in no way punishabely by stoning to death.
Yet we see this with this religion of peace a misnomer if ever there was one.
The politicians need to wake up and smell the coffee as to how opinions in this land are changing,stop playing politics lads and due to internet and how people can express their views without relying on the MSM and their whatever politically biased paid for propaganda is realise the public at large is now onto you.
You have foisted onto and have by your diversity/pc crap a nightmare onto this land,which has seen multiculturism flourish,I have news for you NO IT HAS NOT,what have we seen?,areas were different cultures integrate and live happily ever after side by side?,no we have not,but what we do see is NO GO AREAS were various cultures are persona non gratis.
If for example we take the Islam lot can anybody tell me since when this lot have ever pursued a peaceful path based on religious tolerance rather than warfare against whoever does'nt believe in their dogma.
Speaking for myself I can be persuaded by logical and peaceful argument to alter my views,but I will never accept changing my views based on force and dogma.
Mark my words change regarding our political traitors is with us right now and the mood is growing,the EUSSR is going down the pan vis a vis the PIGS the markets will see to that and when that happens chaos.
End result don't know but expect fireworks.
Gud Neet.