Monday, 4 April 2011


I know that not all Muslims are involved in this lunacy. However, they are all going to take the backlash of it. All Muslims will be blamed for the actions of the UAF [old friends of ours] and of the Taliban. All Muslims will become the target, not of the EDL who have very precise aims, but of the ordinary people whipped into a frenzy by the likes of the Daily Mail.

Muslims, listen to a smoker. You are in the process of being denormalised. It's not quite the same approach because smokers, drinkers, fat people and even Christians will not rise up and fight back. We are all being denormalised by gradual steps which we can, mostly, just slide around.

You, Muslims, are different. You shout and scream and threaten death and destruction and you blow things up and you demand 'rights' and you retaliate.

The authorities have a hard time with smokers. Tell us we can't smoke in a pub and we simply stop going to pubs and make alternative arrangements. We don't fight, we slide past the rules. We can hide in plain sight and we can appear and disappear at will. Christians simply don't wear a cross or keep it in their pocket, they don't really need it anyway. The authorities can't fight us if we don't fight them. They especially can't fight us if they can't find us.

Muslims, you have made yourselves easy targets for the denormalisation process. Burning poppies, blowing people up, cutting heads off, marching with demands such as 'free speech go to hell' and 'Sharia law for the UK' and the UAF and the Muslim Parliament that nobody voted for - you are walking straight into another version of the holocaust you pretend didn't happen. You fight, and that means they know what to do with you. They will set the people against you and that boast of 'two million Muslims in the UK'?

There are sixty million non-Muslims right next to you.

So sit back a while and think. You've been useful but they don't need you any more. Your rage is going to get a response and it is, indeed, a response that has been planned and calculated.

But not by you.


Extant said...

So its not just me to now know what the zog establishment is leading to. The Muslims is the scapegoat for the Serpent and its now hitting us all loud and clear..

Anonymous said...

The Zog conspiracy theory has always been just that an unproveable theory.
It suits conspiracy theorists and there are many to add this one to their itinerary.
One of the more memorable chaps who rambles on is David Eike,who actually proposes that the queen is a lizard in disguise.
Anyway back to the real subject,muslims are shooting themselves in the foot as I do believe that the western world in general are intent that they will discredit Islam by whatever means they have at their disposal.
Indeginous cultures are a prime source of promoting resentment against an alien religion which is against their beliefs.
In our case as you quite rightly state 60 million against this lot given the way you engineer it would be an almighty kick back against something we neither asked for or wanted.