Tuesday, 22 March 2011


If I was a tankie, I'd be selling about now and buying into infantry options.



Silly Kuffar said...

Thermite Bomb ?

Andyj said...

No, the charge is tiny. It drills a hot plasma charge into the tank. It caught the shells inside. Looks like thermite but its a lot worse. Thats molten spall from the depleted uranium shells and charges burning under pressure through the neck of the tank.

Sir Henry Morgan said...

Next time one of those missiles hits home there might only be that first violent shock.

Like you said, it's only the spare ammo cooking off.

There has been a bit of a fuss over the vid ... apparently it was made by two salesmen from the firm that produces the missile.

The charge weighs about 2lb - definitely not enough to produce that sustained firestorm. It is man-portable. The tank has become a deathtrap - better to take the risks of being an infantryman.

Sir Henry Morgan said...

It was a Syrian (hence Russian) tank heading for an Israeli village. It was followed by three others who, when they saw what happened to the first one, turned around and went back home.

I could possibly have a little sympathy for the doomed crew (at least three men) if I didn't know what they planned to do once they got some Israelis in their sights.

Andyj said...

A very old Ruskie light Tank. Most had the streamlined turrets to deflect fast charges up and away. This thing literally deflected the charge to the gear or race ring under the turret which is a weak spot.

I can tell you what. I've seen a pretty small glider puncture through 4' of concrete aircraft hangar before blowing up and taking out the aircraft underneath. The yanks renamed it as "diamondback" because of the shape of its retractable scissor wings.

I've seen and learned stuff I'm contractually obliged never to mention but can tell you this. Much of it, including old gear was an eye opener.