Tuesday, 22 March 2011

EHRC Must Pay British National Party’s Court Costs in Full

EHRC Must Pay British National Party’s Court Costs in Full

Nick Griffin has welcomed the ruling that the Equality and Human Rights Commission (EHRC) must pay the British National Party’s court costs in full as a “victory for freedom”.

“It is a massive victory for the British National Party and freedom and a crushing blow for the Equality and Human Rights Commission and Trevor Phillips' PC bullies,” he said.

Mr Griffin’s comments follow the High Court judgement ruling that the EHRC must pay all the costs incurred by him, Simon Darby and Tanya Lumby during their brave defence against the EHRC’s attempts to seize the Party's assets and throw the defendants into prison.

The ruling of Lord Justice Moore-Bick and Mr Justice Ramsey is a further crushing defeat for the Commission and a personal humiliation for Trevor Phillips and Simon Woolley, who at the start of proceedings boasted on TV that they were going to close the British National Party down.

"Thanks to the staunch generosity of so many of our members and supporters and the magnificent efforts of our legal team, their attack on democracy and freedom failed utterly," said Mr Griffin.

"The British National Party is still very much alive and kicking. We've built up a legal team which can go head to head with the most powerful opponents and beat them."

On being told that EHRC would be forced to pay its costs in full, Simon Darby said, "I told them they would never beat me or the British National Party, but they simply wouldn't listen. Now these people are going to pay the price for persecuting Nationalists. The question has to be asked as to whether this discredited quango will survive the next round of government cuts."

Exactly how much the EHRC will have to pay must now be assessed in a long and complicated procedure that will take some months. When we get our money back, it will make a healthy contribution to our war chest for next year's Assembly election in London, where the EHRC is/was based.

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Anonymous said...

This guy Phillips has a somewhat chequered history,google it on Wiki and you will see what I mean.
Are his opinions relevant to the indigenous peoples of this land,absolutely not,so pray tell who gives this guy licence to say what he says which is usually detrimental to the long held values of this country.
I for one cannot understand why someone although he is not ethnically of this country can preach against the country which provided him with eg:his education,his livelihood and his means of communication and in return he pursues a party who are interested in the ethnic values of this country.
Well for once if this report is correct,I will compliment the two judges who handed down this judgement in favour of the BNP.
Phillips to me is an absolute racist of the other kind and has been and is currently being supported by a british government and by the past government and in my opinion we really should be asking our present government of chancers/fortune seekers to come clean.
I will now refer you to what Cromwell said when he was refering to the government of the day all those years ago.
He said roughly you are a bunch of spivs and twisters and I say to you in the name of GOD go from this house.
So folks the choice is yours,you can go along with what crap you are being fed or you can demand a realistic reporting ofv what is hapening,the choice is yours.

Salford Lad said...

As you point out, according to those who cling to the concept of 'racism' it is 'racist ' to wish to preserve native British identity . I beleive it is about time that British nationalists stood up to this marxist term and exposed it for exactly what it is - a blunt tool with questionable and bogus connotations of 'fairness' and 'equality' attached to it but which amounts to coercing the British people into accepting internationalist agendas and, in our case, ultimately ceasing to value our historical native identity and causing us to abandone it. As nationalists, we abhorr racial hatred but we also abhorr attempts to coerce our nation to disavowe our own distinct ethnic identity. We need to start making this distinction whenever the 'racist' card is used against us.