Wednesday, 16 March 2011


Good on the fat kid. This should be seen by every kid in the country. With bullies violence works. It worked for me when I was at school. Nobody even tried to bully me after what I did to the bully - and HE was the big one.

Watch the vid, read the article and the comments::

The squirt in this vid got a broken ankle. Hahahahahahahahaha



jones said...

HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAAHAH.................Now to compose oneself and give a more considered view..................................................................................HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA..oh fukin sweet jaysew.....

Don't know about a fractured ankle but I've got a few fractured ribs.......Good on him. Frankly I think he pulled his 'broadside'...

britbaz said...

I was a shy fat kid with a stammer at school and got picked on and bullied by older boys.I did the same to the so called "cock of the school" who picked a fight with me. I picked him up and threw him against the gym window. No more bullying, never looked back.... in some cases violence is the only answer

Lanky Patriot said...

I, at eleven you might not believe was tall, thin, gangly and seemed soft.
One day the "Cock of the form" got hold of my tie and threatened me.
I lost my temper and dropped him with a single punch.
I knew I could hold my own but did not want to push myself.
What I'll always remember was the reaction of the other boys.
At that moment I was the hero and I was never threatened again.
The lesson from this.
Stand up for yourself and bully the bullies.
If you are bullied it is because you let them do it.

Andyj said...

Living through many schools in my youth I was going to hand you all a huge resume' about my life.... Nah!
But I do love this post in response to this video.

Scott Jacobs • Mar 15, 2011 @3:07 pm

A friend of my mom’s had a kid get suspended for fighting in school. It was self defense, the SCHOOL said it was self defense, but the kid was still getting suspended.

The father goes to talk to the principle who explains the rules about how everyone involved in the fight gets punished. The father, so I am told (and my mother had no reason to lie about this), shot forward, grabbed the principle by the tie, pulled him forward and said “So if I slammed my fist into you face right now, we’d both go to jail?”

He lets go, and sits back down. “Fine. My kid will serve the suspension, and I will make sure that he understand that he is to never, ever defend himself on school property ever again. If he ever gets injured because of that, I will sue you, every teacher in the building at the time, and the district for every penny you could ever hope to earn in your life.”

The father then stood up, and left the building.

Later they got a call saying the son was not, in fact, suspended, and could return to school the next day. The dad called him in sick, and they went fishing.