Wednesday, 16 March 2011


In my blog of 29th January I said that we should keep our noses out of the Middle East turmoil as we often back the wrong side.

Unfortunately with Gadaffi's troops in the process of retaking Bengazi this prediction has been proved to be correct.
The statement by Hague that Gadaffi had fled to Venezuela was indicative of the incompetence of the government machine and ministers.
Yes we have every sympathy with suppressed people trying to obtain their freedom but we are not able to influence events especially since our forces and military capability have been so much reduced.
Even if we had the power our intervention inevitably causes resentment to some in that troubled area.
Now the Bharein rebellion is about to be put down in spite of our government supporting it from afar.
In Egypt the same military cabal still controls the country as before. Only a few people at the top have been replaced.
In Tunisia the people prevailed as it was less militarised and the leader fled with his loot.

What do these events teach us, and leaders throughout the world?

That military might rules, and you can bet that in future all protests in that region will be hastily put down. The leaders will see that any "softness" will result in their demise and that if they want to survive with all their loot they must rule with a rod of iron.
The vengence on the people who opposed these dictators will be severe, whatever Cameron and his poncy Tories say or their pleas for moderation.

But what other effects will these events have on our country?

Well the rulers will hate us and discriminate against us while those ruled will feel betrayed by the weasel words of Cameron's government. So we lose either way on trade deals and money making opportunities which will be reflected in our unemployment statistics.

Yes we all need oil, but then so does China but they kept their nose out. They are a powerful country but have not taken on the job of the world's policeman so they are on good terms with all countries irrespective of the internal politics of those countries, and they will get the trade and oil.
The Chinese government puts the interests of China first and their people are now benefitting from that policy.

Ill judgement is at the heart of this government Remember those on it agreed with invading Iraq and Afghanistan and look where that got us, but then they have not had enough experience of life to understand what motivates people and thus always seem to back the wrong course of action.

I wouldn't trust them to place a bet on a horse. It would come last as our country will under them

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Anonymous said...

Unfortunately your statement that Gadafty is going to take Benghazi is not correct.
My reading of this situation as of a few minutes ago is that it is in flux,in that there is a large amount of propaganda being pumped out by the Gadafty press and leaflet drops.
As regards Benghazi isn't it strange for instance that when these so called alien forces occupied Benghazi that the natives welcomed them with apparently open arms,hardly an invasion force I would say.
As for your statement "we often back the wrong side",my angle to this is we must support people who apparently are craving democracy against tyranny and despotic rule.
Relative to your comments re:- our current misgovernments I agree this current shower is interested only as to what they can parade on the world stage,in their eyes they can be world statesmen,what a laugh you and I in our respective professions have done far more good in this country than this shallow lot will do in their entire lifetimes.
What I am going to say next I know is at odds with your assessment,but in my humble opinion I actually think that in the fullness of time we will see the middle east come out of this dark period with some semblence of a democratic system.
As an aside I would also say that we experienced a communist/socialist system that according to the proponents of this system would cure all the worlds ills.
We all know now except a few countries that this was a utopian system that failed dismally,in that this system spawned state capitalism as witnessed by the numbers of russian con men who absolutely ripped off this utopian dream to their own advantage.
Relative to the government of this country as it currently stands I agree with you.
This current coalition of political opportunists have like the last government of uneducated freeloading chancers put this country into being the laughing stock of the world.
Frankly in my opinion we the people should be saying to these people that are giving our country away enough is enough,we are now demanding change to our benefit and we will through whatever means stop you lot from destroying our country,not your minority country,but our majority country.
Just what do you lot who are intent in doing this not understand about this statement.
Gud Neet.