Thursday, 17 February 2011


David Cameron is getting exasperated by some of the actions of the judges who ruled that sex offenders should not be on the sex register for life.
There are many other idiotic judgements made by these noble and unelected lords such as stopping us expelling foreign criminals citing their "human rights".

These people believe they have the right to overturn the will of the democratically elected Parliament.
They are also above the law.
You can not sue a judge who has made a wrong decision as you can sue anybody else for mistakes or negligence.
These people are" incorruptible" and thus their views must override all else even the wishes of the people.

Now I will tell you a true story which happened perhaps 40 years ago when I was a councillor on our local UDC.
We had a dispute with a local quarry owner who was desecrating a beauty spot in our area and wished to extend his operations into nearby woods.

We of course opposed his operations and wanted a stop notice put on him, and the case went to court in Liverpool and we employed at great expense a barrister.
Several councillors including myself attended (unpaid of course) and gave evidence in the case. It was adjourned in the afternoon and was to be further persued the following day.
We then went home.

At about 7 pm I was rung to attend an emergency meeting.
Our counsel had a new proposition in which we would have to accept the continuation of the quarrying which we did not want, but the woods would be saved. He told us there was no point in going to court to get everything we wanted as we would lose the case and the council would be landed with a big bill.
Reluctantly we accepted his "learned" advice and settled for less than we had hoped to achieve or very likely could have achieved.

Imagine my surprise when I read in the paper that this same "learned" council had been in court in Barrow the following day.
In other words he was booked into the court in Barrow on the day we thought he was representing us and the deal he suggested and we were conned into accepting was in order to allow him to go and get another fat fee a hundred miles away.

This man, the epitome of integrity who conned a local council in his own interests is now a high court judge, or was unless he has now retired on his fat non contributary pension.

These are the sort of people who are making and interpreting our laws. No wonder our country is in such a mess.

I could name this man, I still remember him but if I did no doubt he would bring the full weight of his fellow corrupt lawyers and judges down on my head and I can not afford that.
There may be some fellow Labour councillors who can still remember the details but most have passed on so I dare not risk it.

However I promise what I have written is a true record of what I observed as a councillor.

Since then I have always held the judiciary in contempt.
They are a self serving bunch of leeches with NO concept of justice or integrity.They don't know the meaning of the words.

And they are advising the government!

Thank God that the fool Cameron has seen through some of their deceit. Or is he using this for his own political agenda.

I don't trust him either.


Anonymous said...

I wont comment on the judiciary seeing we all know what a self serving clique that is.
As for Cameroon,he is a europhile as is his sidekick Cleggiron.
Rumpy says jump and they say how high and the rest is propaganda.
45 million pounds a day we give to this bunch of commies and their gravy train passengers and they can't even get their accounts signed off by auditors as being a true and accurate account of their expenditure.
Then we come to the European Court of Human Rights who see it as their right to impose their views on a sovereign nation.
Parliament has recently voted on a majority verdict to tell these jokers to get stuffed.
The bill for this was sponsored by David Davis and some other guy whose name escapes me but it reminds me of something to do with farming.
Cameroon says he will set up a committee to look at organising a British bill of human rights,but he does not say that this will be enacted as British law and that we will opt out of this ECHR which currently hamstrings this nation to such an extent that we are now seen as a soft touch to be exploited by money grubbing lawyers and alien interest groups.
Finally I think your last statement has a ring of truth in it ie:- political agenda.
Thanks Lanky you are a true patriot of this country.
Sincerely Yours.
Keep it up and more grist to your mill.

Rijker said...

"Thank God that the fool Cameron has seen through some of their deceit. Or is he using this for his own political agenda?"

The latter, as with the other condem coalition setups he's "appalled" by.