Thursday, 20 January 2011


So gobby "Baroness Warsi" thinks islamophobia is the last form of "bigotry" which is acceptible in middle class households.
She says that even saying somebody is a moderate muslim is a form of bigotry. It seems the followers of this barbaric medieval system must be above criticism, and we can not even call them moderate.
The fact that she has only her present position of influence owing to the ticking the muslim and female boxes seems to escape this so called intelligent woman. Her only claim to fame has been to lose an election for the Tories when she was awarded instant promotion, understandable as few muslims are Tories.
She should also have learnt by now the meaning of English words, having I believe been born here, although she still has the slight alien accent characteristic of muslims but absent from Indians Sikhs, Chinese etc.

A phobia means an irrational fear.
Yes we do fear the increasing influence of that intolerant creed, it's rapid increase and propensity for violence. Yes we do hate our people being blown up or threatened with beheading or muslim statements that they will rule us.
Yes we do hate our country being taken over and parts of our towns taken back to a pre medieval appearance, but that is not a phobia.
It is not irrational, it is a fact.

I would recommend the "Baroness" a little Chrisian phrase (if she can read it without running the risk of a stoning) "First cast the mote out of thine own eye" before complaining about our perceived phobias.

Has she ever heard of Hindu, Sikh, Chinese or African phobias?
No of course not and the reason is that these people, even when they are here in numbers too large for our liking do not bomb us or state their aim of taking over OUR country.

Oh and BTW you think English people do not like you. You should hear Hindus I have spoken to.
Any derogatory comments or opinions I may have which you call a phobia are as nothing to what they think.


Sir Henry Morgan said...

A phobia is, as you say, an irrational fear. To anyone who knows a little of the history of Islam, there is nothing irrational about fearing it.

Jack'd Ripp'd said...

Check out Ed West's comment section >>>

Lively and very uncivil.

One little chap there, and little as in brain matter, is Jebedee... never have I seen someone so twisted with hate.

And remember, I live in Peckham surrounded by NuBritons and Pikeys so know boulder-on-shoulder induced hate when I see it.

On the Warsi front, there are whispers she may be gone from the front row... although again, has Cameron got the balls to perform such an act. First Muslim Peer 'n' all.

Anonymous said...

Compliments on a good article.
If my memory serves me correctly,isn't this the woman who observed that the BNP had a point in their observations on Islam?.
I note that your opening remark gobby is quite apt,just what is this woman's claim to fame.
Fought one election in Dewsbury for the towrags and lost by 5000 votes.
Gained an LLB in law (whoopee) and then was promoted and eventually ended up in the other place on patronage.
Even the muzzies don't like this one,whats she trying to do now? ingratiate herself.
I meet many many people and I have yet to meet anyone who is happy with their idea of what religion should be about.