Thursday, 20 January 2011


Now, read this very carefully and then consider the last paragraph -

Mrs Knightley, a shop worker, said: "The first thing I was asked about was my nationality and when I said I was British I was told we had to leave.

"I felt humiliated. It shouldn't matter what nationality you are we shouldn't be discriminated against. You wouldn't get away with a British-only mum and children's group."

Mrs Wildman, a trainee midwife, said: "Surely if this group is about making links in the community they should let all people in, regardless of race or nationality?

"It's a real shame. I want my children to play with children from other races and integrate in the community because that stops discrimination."

Making Links, which is based at the Priory Centre in St Neots, is part-funded by a £1,000 annual grant from St Neots Town Council. It is intended to be for women who are welcome to bring their children and put them in an on-site creche.

The community group is staffed by church volunteers and also receives money from the Co-operative community development fund and the Open Door Church in St Neots.

Its website claims around 50 women attend the weekly sessions every Thursday.

It adds: "Making Links frees them from feelings of isolation, helps them build multicultural friendships and empowers them with knowledge about the local community.

"Thus Making Links presents a friendly St Neots face to people who might otherwise be outsiders."

The parents who use the group also receive visits from police officers, access to children's health services and a creche provided by the Government initiative Sure Start.

The aims of the project are to "develop cross-cultural friendships", "promote cultural identity and self-esteem" and "promote community relationships with local service providers".

Roger Owen, the administrator for Making Links, said: "We have had an issue with men turning up before and back then we told them the group is strictly for mothers so it's nothing to do with racial discrimination.

"It is a group for ladies from other countries. It is not for British people.

"It started out as a church group but is now run by a local charity and we get money from writing to organisations such as housing associations, the local council and the lottery.

"It is quite hard work but obviously we get the money on the basis its a group for ladies from other nations.

"There is a creche and ladies can bring their children, but it is not strictly a playgroup. It is what the Government calls a single identity group."

A spokeswoman for the Equality and Human Rights Commission, said under the Equality Act 2010 it is not unlawful to set up a group especially for a particular ethnic or national group.

Does this mean WE the INDIGENOUS BRITISH can set up a BRITISH ONLY GROUP.

It may well be worthwhile for the Party to seek Legal advice on this.


Lomra Greener said...

I am not surprised, as George Orwell wrote, 'all animals are equal, but some are more equal than others'. This is a racist act. If a group for white indigenous people only were created, there would be a massive outcry. The local taxpayers seem to be funding this, they should make their opposition known.

Anonymous said...

WHY are we letting things like this happen ??????

Every day we see and hear ludicrous acts committed against Indigenous British White Christian people, something has to be done NOW!

What next....Whites must sit at the rear on buses etc etc etc.

Jack'd Ripp'd said...

Our land yet with their rules... HMS Britannia has gone mad.

Still, at least it gives us the green light to segregate our children from the paper NuBritons.