Sunday, 5 December 2010




Anonymous said...

Lisa Nandy.
In my opinion another LIEBOUR implanted stooge.
This woman has no interactions with Wigan whatsoever she is alien to the values of Wigan.
Yes she now tells us she has wigan values at heart,but think on this wigan people,did you ever hear of this woman before,I suspect that you did not,she is opportunistic and to me given her background of supporting immigrants into this country,I really think we could do without her and her agenda.
She is I suspect basically Indian and as such is alien to this country and it's indigenous values we here in wigan should really give her short shrift and to tell her in no uncertain terms as far as we are concerned she does not and never will not represent the aspirations of the people of wigan.
In short she is a parachuted MP compliments of the LIEBOUR gangsters who frankly is not the person to represent wigan.

Andyj said...
A bleeding heart "Asian"!

I think... I read her father was an extremely prominent person in the parasitic bleeding hearts dept too.

Charity is a good thing but only if those who run it do it FREE. AS A CHARITY! Aided by people who give from their own pockets, not the taxman. Like they done so in prior centuries.

Anonymous said...

It is very clear to all that Lisa Nandy is totally unrepresentative of the average Labour voter in Britain - never mind the average Wiganer.

She is far more concerned about helping asylum seekers than helping indigenous British people, and it wouldn't surprise me in the least if she was trying to help more asylum seekers settle in Wigan - just to boost her and New Liebour's flagging vote in the town.

I bet she'd love to "import" more votes to Wigan from the third world - she's going to need them in the future as indigenous British Wiganers dessert her in droves!
A lot of Labour voters that I spoke to after the election said that they would NEVER have voted for Ms Nandy if they had known about her background of helping asylum seekers.

Ms Nandy does not and never will understand the Wigan mindset!

Anonymous said...

But what about her mate another parachute.
The one and only MP for Makerfield,now nothing to do with Ince.
I see that taxpayers are funding her TV license.
Just what is all this about,who else in this land gets their TV license paid for.
Try telling the Beebo that other taxpayers will fund your license and see how far you get.
These MP's are beyond the pale,they have learnt nothing and as far as I can see from the taxpayers alliance site there are questions to be answered.
As far as Ms Nandy is concerned we know enough already to keep us on our toes and we will be watching and waiting for how she performs.
Watch this space as we all will.

Anonymous said...

From Anonymous to another anonymous.
You are quite correct sir in your summation of this MP.
Her values are nothing to do with Wigan peoples values which are based on the long forgotten old labour values of protecting the working class are now a dream which needs to be forgotten.
This scenario of my dad voted labour so I will does not now apply to modern politics.
Mr Bliar torpedoed that one,and we now see Mr Cameroonian perpetuating this conn.
Wigan in the last MEP elections showed amazing courage as well as others in electing a BNP rep.
This did not sit well with other parties,and this is not a surprise.
My question is this,why oh why did wigan electors then fall for the shpeil that was being fed to them.
Wigan electors remember the old saying marry in haste you will repent in due course.
The aspirations of wigan and it's electorate will not be served by this woman she is a planted stooge by this discredited liebour ex government.
People of Wigan please please look at what is going on in your name and make this woman account to you everything what she does in your name,you owe it to everyone in your parish.