Saturday, 4 December 2010


Last month Labour’s new member for Wigan Lisa Nandy was rent-a-quoting to the Mirror about the PM putting his photographer on the taxpayer: “At a time when people are losing their jobs and homes this is outrageous.” All good for brownie points with the whips.

Oh dear, but what’s this in Lisa’s expenses claims published yesterday:

Claim Ref. No. 17322
Financial Year 2010-11
Expense Category: General Admin
Amount: £634.99
Transaction Date: 26/07/2010
Short Description: Good quality images to record constituency engagements and for use on my website

It looks like the personal photographer goes to pretty much every event Lisa does. Charging the taxpayer for vanity shots at a time when people are losing their jobs and homes? “This is outrageous.”

Hat tip, - Guido Fawkes Blog.
Hat tip tip - Anonymous

Well, well, well, how long as Lisa "I'm not a moslem" and I'm not VAIN, really, Nandy been Wigans MP ?
Less than 6 Months and already it's cost WIGANS TAXPAYERS at least £100 pounds a month for Miss Nandys VANITY.

171 of Wigans Pensioners and Poorest Died through COLD RELATED DEATHS LAST WINTER.
How many of Wigans Pensioners and Poorest will have to die through this Winter because those who can and should help them are too busy lining their own pockets ?
How many Pensioners in Wigan could be helped by giving them £10 or so from the£634 towards something to HEAT or EAT ?


I want Lisa Nandy, New labour MP for Wigan to repay this cost and that VANITY and EGO MASSAGING is NOT LIABLE TO THE TAXPAYERS OF WIGAN.



Jack'd Ripp'd said...

More front than Southend some (or should that be most) of these parasitic parliamentarians.

Pot, kettle, black. From the tuition fee increases to the war on Iraq, Labour MPs seem to be experts at policy U-turns.

Considering that the photos are taxpayer paid, ergo they belong to the taxpayer, so if she has any PRIVATE copies, she should be charged accordingly.

Also, ALL pictures need to be made public, just so the public who financed this can see the WHOLE result, not just the Nandy sugar-candied versions.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the hat tips.
Re: the photos try this:-

poppy said...

don,t expect anything else treacherous thieving labour traitors. miss nandy seems to be learning all the tricks quite early in her career must have had a good tutor..

Andyj said...

If Nandy wants this asylum business then why doesn't she pay for it from her own money?

If Nandy is vice to SWP then it seems the Gov' are breaking the law using public money against a lawful political party. No doubt there is money in it for her.

I've made my stand. I will not work to pay any taxes until this madness is ended.

My take of Nandy is of a parasite.

Andyj said...

I never knew this:
Stolen off a gentleman calling himself "Miles O'Toole" says:

"Both her parents are academic and political aristocracy! Daddy is leftie darling Dipak Nandy, grumpy founder of the Runymede Trust and major influence on Labour policy back in the day. I believe he met Luise whilst they were researching equal opportunities for gender and race in the 70s or early 80s....."

Anonymous said...

I know, what you state is correct,
My friend, Tim Wh---, lived in their ROAD,
Tims mum was a opera singer, his Dad a car dealer, in the area of Bray, near Windsor, Tim was in the Paras with my ex, a
Patriot in them days, anyone remeber him Tim White, 2nd Para around 1979 -86.

I well remember him taking about Nandys father, Dipak, setting up the Ruddymede Trust.

Anonymous said...

Nandy is a parasite.

Lets expose the fraud and TRAITOR

Wigan true Labour - dispise her and her ilk.....come on - jump off the fence - see the TRUTH ---
true Labour ( not new Labour ) seek the truth.
Seek the truth see, Nick Griffin, speaking the facts and truth.

Old Labour = BNP. Have a good think,

Anonymous said...

Lisa Nandy was only able to become our MP due to political correctness and so-called positive discrimination (an all women shortlist and presumably her ethnicity saw her selected as Labour's candidate).

Ms Nandy is a wolf in sheep's clothing! Most Wiganers had never heard of her, and knew nothing of what she stood for prior to the May 2010 general election.

Now many who voted Labour feel cheated!

The overwhelming majority of Labour voters in Wigan had no idea that she was more interested in helping asylum seekers and illegal immigrants than she was in looking after indigenous British people!

Her views may have won her votes when she was a councillor in "enriched", "diverse" London - but this is white working-class Wigan!

We must let the whole of Wigan know about Lisa Nandy, her non-indigenous background, her unsurprising preference for foreigners over indigenous British people, and her support for a host of anti-British loony left organisations.

I personally think that when all Wiganers are aware of what this woman is and what she stands for, her vote will drop by at least 5000 at the next election.

One day she will realise that helping illegal immigrants does not go down well in a town like Wigan, even amongst lifelong Labour voters. She thinks she's got a job for life - we'll see!
Labour's vote in Wigan has gone down by 9,000 since the 1997 election and it could just be a marginal seat in another 10years.

Expose the parasite, Nandy.

Vote BNP