Wednesday, 8 December 2010


Worth a watch.
Why were they Firebombing the place ?

Hat Tip - UK Commentators


Jack'd Ripp'd said...

That was the funniest criminal act I've seen in a while... and coming from Peckham, I've seen more than my fair share of comic capers who really should seek safer employment!

Probably a revenge attack gang-thing. Doubt it is race related although in this day and age, wouldn't rule it out.

We are the new Lebanon afterall.

Lex said...

Its the method of turning our pubs into mosques.
Think about it.

Andyj said...


I say you are totally wrong!
Bombing a British institution is a terrorist attack and an act of treason.

Andyj said...

I'll add to this Muslims burning pubs thing.

Mr. Lampost did a better job than police.

I expect a charge of racism will be levelled at the offending object real soon.

The council's Health & Safety committee will run meetings on repositioning the lampost and marked clearways will be made so the offenders won't hurt themselves when they try it again.

Any remark to the effect somebody might of been killed by this terrorist act will be met by the full force of the law.

Jack'd Ripp'd said...

Andy, you're right (your first comment, pml at your second).

Any crime committed to instil terror is a terrorist attack.

Hang the bastards!

I heard they didn't get the other culprit. If that's the case, why not give the one caught double the sentence!?! That might loose his lips.

Then again, the doughnut did run full pelt into a lamppost, probably a retard from a marriage of cousins.

Andyj said...

Didn't we have statutes banning cults?

In Sweden, another retard wiped his ass off the Earth to be raped in heaven by 70 virgin elephants until Kingdom cum.