Friday, 10 December 2010


The disgraceful anarchic scenes at yesterday's "student" protest did nothing to further any just cause the students may have had.

This is an issue in which I am pulled two ways.
I feel it is ironic that those in power from wealthy families had their education paid for but expect students to incur large debts nowadays.
When I was a student the poorest were better off than the more affluent as they had large grants in addition to their free education.

In recent years the misguided policy of making a degree obligatory even though its quality and subject suspect has caused a huge increase in student numbers and university costs. We do not need 50% of kids to have a degree and as is well known many subjects are worthless to employers.
One woman stated on television yesterday that many would not earn £21,ooo per year after qualifying in "arts" subjects, a good indication of the value of their "degrees"

Education is too important to be used as a means of keeping the young off the unemployment lists. It should be an investment in our national future and students guided towards subjects the nation needs. If the subject a student wants to take is of no use to the country it should receive no subsidy and that student encouraged to take another subject if they are capable.
However the fact is that many are not really capable of doing worthwhile degrees and therein lies the solution.

Scrap all the non essential courses thus cutting the number of students by 50% and subsidising those courses which bring a return on our national investment. Media studies sport subjects and other non academic subjects may be interesting and people may like doing them. Fine but do them at your own expense as they have no value in the market place or to the nation.
I used to like sex but did not expect to be subsidised in my efforts.

The increased competition for those courses on offer would raise standards and make us more competitive internationally.

HOWEVER even the expensive mediocre educational shambles could be financed if the government cut its pledge on foreign aid, the EU, financing bankers and exiting the Afghan war, and they know it. If they don't they must be stupid.
I believe all this dumbing down of standards and the many Mickey Mouse courses conducted by left wing lecturers is part of a scheme to indoctrinate the less able students with left wing and anti British political opinions more compatible with "The New World Order" so beloved by our ruling classes. This was shown in the vandalism of our public buildings yesterday and the desecration of our memorials to our war dead and national heroes.
You can see in what contempt this scum holds our country.

Of course not all the vandalism nor even most was perpetrated by students.
Many of the worst outrages were committed by Cameron's attack dogs,his UAF and SWP rabble. It is ironic that these dogs turned on their sponsors, and notable how few arrests were made.
Imagine a BNP rally which descended into such chaos. The jails would have been full.

How to stop future outrages?
Simples. Charge the universities for the costs of this mayhem forcing them to restrict further the number of so called students they admit, and expel any student guilty of mindless vandalism.

Ensure that crime does not pay.
Whatever your complaint attacking our cenotaph is inexcusable.


Jack'd Ripp'd said...

This it the problem:

Education has been replaced with indoctrination.

And the brainwashed unwashed cannot see it.

Personally, I think we need to go backwards, way before I was born, to the system where the brightest are sought out while the rest of us learn trades.

Practicality is needed to function properly, and no amount of art students could fill that description.

Andyj said...

My take on getting a degree.

1. The student pays for it in full. A loan if need be.

2. The successful student then gains a job which creates "value-added" for the Nation.
eg. Profitable value from exports.

3. The incurred National profit should be shared back to the ex-student with tax rebates to pay off his previous costs.

4. The student who has gained a pointless piece of paper; has a pointless piece of paper that cost him a lot of money.

The reality is, 95% of jobs with uni students do not have relevant qualifications to the job.

Just a thought... based on reversing the madness of doublethink Marxism.

I'm sorry. The media should now warn the police will be spraying this lot with LSD, dye and stink bombs from now on. Then stinking dyed, drugged up people will be picked up. Nobody will allow them to take transport home like that.

Jack'd Ripp'd said...

Andy, your a barrel full of good ideas.

Especially like the..."The media should now warn the police will be spraying this lot with LSD, dye and stink bombs from now on. Then stinking dyed, drugged up people will be picked up. Nobody will allow them to take transport home like that."

The wilful destruction of property, the desecration of our memorials, and for waving Red flags representing the murder of 100m souls... all deserving of a kicking.

Anonymous said...

Most of these students and I use the word adviseably have never had a just cause.
They are in the main a product of a Liebour indoctrination system that has produced a section of the student population that thinks the hardworking taxpayer should fund their layabout lifestyle and crap degrees.
I don't need to go into these types of degrees in that they are well documented and employers have been preaching this for years.
You Lanky Patriot took a degree which meant years of graft and nose to the grindstone and your efforts eventually greatly enhanced the wellbeing of this country.
I also pursued qualifications that enabled me enhance the wellbeing of this country,both of us did this from a point of view of personal and national pride in what we were doing.
Did you and I ever ever consider during this period of our lives going on what we would consider as communist riots,no we did not,because we were much more savvy than that in that we recognised that this was leftist garbage.
We have now seen what this Liebour rabble is all about with the latest scenes of the crimminal actions that have taken place.
Frankly it is disgusting and there are people behind the scenes who should be having a long rethink of just were this country is going to.
Finally may I say that if people think that this coalition of Lib/Con/Don't know what I think bunch of chancers have the interests of this country at heart,then think again people,you are being sold down the river big time.