Friday, 31 December 2010


So 2010 draws to a close and our new government has shown that it is no different from the others.
Admittedly we had hoped to do better this year but with the media and the big party machines against us we knew it would be an uphill battle.

All the other parties were disappointed. The Tories hoped for outright victory but people could not bring themselves to trust the fake Cameron brand. The Lib Dems also hoped for a better result than they managed, but then a party devoid of policy is hard to vote for.

Labour, in spite of their in effect bankrupting our country and decimating the few remnants of our industries the Tories had not destroyed before them did well to hold as many seats as they did. It demonstrates the sickness of British politics that after a disastrous three periods in power, involvement in illegal wars, terror attacks, industries sold abroad, bankers bail out and massive immigration and consequent unemployment, people could not trust the Tories enough to give them their vote.

Unfortunately on account of the distortions and the assembled might of the other parties and media and in some cases blatant fraud, we were not able to garner as many votes as we had hoped.
I know we had no chance of winning a seat in our area but for the first time we stood three candidates and saved our deposits in all three.
We know our presence is causing some discomfort to our enemies as they know when our message of hope gets through we will gain influence, that is why they spent so much to oppose us.

None the less we had our best national vote which under the present system does not translate into seats. This of course gave the others the chance to gloat which disheartened some of our activists who could not see the progress made, causing internal party friction and a small number left us.

The majority remained committed and many activists are now campaigning in the Oldham bye election, caused as a result illegal election activities by Labour, similar to the tactics which were used in Barking and Dagenham against Nick Griffin by the millionairess Margaret Hodge.
In our case her crime was not known about and her massive majority unassailable as a result of the flooding of the area with immigrants and lies spread about us.

So where do we go now?

Well this coalition government has shown it is just as incompetent, corrupt and as liable to break its promises as the last. Their alliance with those speculators who have sold our country out shown by the knighthood conferred on Roger Carr who sold Cadbury's to Kraft and who now controls Centrica the profiteering gas company, not to mention Heseltine's plea to go easy on the bankers.

The country faces huge economic problems and we are facing a resources crisis, having sold or used all our own. In addition increasing numbers of immigrants are coming here bringing with them the danger of terrorism and the government frightened of tackling the source of the trouble.
I believe we are in for a period of straightened circumstances, and it is not the fault of the British people it is the fault of those who govern us.

Never has there been a more urgent need for a nationalist government than now.
We as patriots must put our squabbles behind us and unite in our cause to save our country and culture.

Concentrate not on what divides us but what unites us. Let bygones be bygones and work together and let's put the fear of God into those selfish corrupt people who are selling out our country.

We are the flame of the British future which will never be extinguished but grow ever stronger.




Silly Kuffar said...

A Happy New Year to all at Wigan Patriot and to the Nationalists and Patriots who frequent our blog.

Lets come out fighting in 2011.

Anonymous said...


" Concentrate not on what divides us but what unites us. Let bygones be bygones and work together and let's put the fear of God into those selfish corrupt people who are selling out our country ".

Excellent, 2011, prime time,
more and more people are coming to accept that the BNP and Nick Griffin, ( as did Enoch Powell ),
are correct.

We MUST, unite. We are stronger,
people need to declare their alligance, talk is cheap, actions,
speak louder than words, spread the word, follow up people who are interested. many are in fear of being Patriot, due to this Facist regime we now live in, UK Britain - the Snitch a person state, Grass someone up on the DSS 0800 freephone number ---- is this not like Germany 1933 --- onwards ?


Leigh, Lancashire Nationalist said...

Happy New Year to all!

Anonymous said...

Leigh, Lancashire Nationalist,..
Best wishes, for our Onward and Upward,...
Patriot and Belief in our Culture and Chritian Beliefs....GOD BLESS.