Wednesday, 29 December 2010


Now we know what BLIAR meant when he said "EDUCATION, EDUCATION, EDUCATION."

It wasn't Education for our Children he meant by that, what he really meant was 'While we have control of the Schools and Teacers through the NUT we can INDOCTRINATE the MULTICULT IDEOLOGY into the CHILDREN, forget their EDUCATION these White kids need to pay the price for the actions of their forfathers, take away their intelligence and capacity to learn, GIVE THEM NO FUTURE.'

Our Childrens futures BETRAYED.

New Labours LISA NANDY and YVONNE FOVARGUE are known for their hard work in the Multi-Cult industry and Social Justice for Immigrants.

Just so you know who to blame for ruining your Childrens Futures.


Lanky Patriot said...

The whole education system is a shambles and a betrayal of our young people.
Many teachers who are NUT members are militant and lazy and adopt all the modern trendy methods, that is when they are not off sick with stress.
Many kids are taught by unqualified teachers and many of the teachers who are know little about their subjects as they were ill taught themselves.

At least 20% of teachers should be sacked for incompetence and OFSTED should be disbanded as that body is composed of failed teachers.
The modern methods include playing games to make lessons interesting meaning that little real work is done.
Our children should be taught the way we were all facing the front with discipline and inspiring teachers.
Kids leaving school at 16 know less than my contemporaries at the little village church primary school did at 10.

We are in a fight for survival against countries like China where proper learning is prized, and the future is bleak for future generations if this madness continues.

It is noticeable that most of those making the rules educate their children privately, showing their lack of confidence in the present system.

Public school Tories and champagne socialists are not interested in the children of the plebs however much they protest their interest.
I try to undo some of the damage being inflicted on my grandkids which has served to keep them in the top set. Even so they are way behind what I was at at their age.

A final comment. My Step grandson has just told me that in R E he has been taught about all religions apart from Christianity.
Could it not be more evident that the true purpose of our "educators" is to destroy our country and children's future?

Andyj said...

They don't teach, they brain train.

On Religion:

Religion is a scheme to make God appear like a small minded, jealous little sky pixie. Yet what he said at the burning bush made his directions untouchable in court. "I am who I am".

Isn't it ironic the most "holy of religions" have their subjects living the seven hells?

Where was Noah in the Pakistan floods?

There was Lott when the Iranian earthquakes struck?

Why is there a "swine 'flu" if Big G. is on their side?

Why do they have plagues, pestilence, droughts, abject poverty, genetic diseases, cheap life and a mind bending cult worthy of the devil?

Yet their silver tongued imams tell their followers it is all our fault.

Yes it is our fault. We gave what we had for their oil and our "elites" are setting us up for a big civil war (cull) throughout Europe. The trouble is these ridiculous idiots in power think they and their families will not be harmed.

Seen what income Bliar collected for 2009? All to do with Muslims, (Kuwait). The UK bill was $640,000. I bet he did not pay any UK taxes for doing us NOTHING!

Rijker said...

Lying Filth! -

We are on the road to hell!

outrider4 said...
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Anonymous said...
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Andyj said...

Actually Rijker,
These wannabe terrorists are often given away by their own. At least one in Mc'r gained a full UK passport from it. Oh, and grants for rehousing and safety.

The "broad bean terrorist" was the same thing. A woman notified the police.

Anyway, hours up! I hope all have a nice new year on our Christian calender while it is allowed to last. -- Before it becomes another Kosovo.

And best wishes for the brainwashed to see what really is the truth with their own eyes without relying on a liars third person view of reality.

Another shooting in London. How embarrassing... Must be those BNP votin' blacks who hate foreigners... again!